This is a picture of William (Billy) Oliver Waggener in 1940 while he was visiting his daughter in Colorado. He passed away while there and his body was sent back to Weakley County, TN where he is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery south of the intersection of Old Troy Road and Pleasant Hill Road south of Martin, TN. He and Henry Lewis Speed were best of friends growing up in Weakley County.

This picture was believed to have been taken at the same time as the picture above.

The following picture below is of Billy Waggener and his family taken in Weakley County, Tennessee, circa 1898. From left to right (standing), is Marietta (Etta) Waggener, James Richard Waggener, Frederick W. Waggener, and Jessie Cora Waggener. Lower row (standing girl), is Willie Waggener, (seated adult), Billy Waggener holding his grandaughter, Evelyn Waggener, daughter of Etta Waggener, (standing boy), Edgar Fleetwood Waggener, and step-mother, Mary E. Cowell Waggener (Billy's second wife).

The following picture is of Billy Waggener and his extended family taken most likely in Weakley County, Tennessee circa 1910. From left to right, is Lee Curtis with wife, Evelyn Waggener (seated), Billy Waggener, Mary Cowell (Billy's wife), Unknown boy (may be Claud Waggener, Fred Waggener's son), Fred Waggener, Willie Waggener (female seated), Jim Tice (holding son, William Tice), Jessie Cora Waggener (Jim Tice's wife), and Edgar Fleetwood Waggener.