ARDVORLICH, co. Perth, the seat of Robert Stewart, Esq. The lands of Ardvorlich have been possessed by the Stewarts from time immemorial. It is not known when a house was first constructed here. Certain it is, however, that Robert Stewart rebuilt the family residence in 1662, and planted the grounds with ornamental timber. This mansion continued to be used until 1794, when the late William Stewart, Esq., erected the present structure, a plain and unpretending seat, situated on the south bank of Lochern, in the centre of a level lawn, extending to the lake, and overhung by the lofty peak of Benvorlich, 3300 feet high; the grounds are very beautiful and picturesque, ornamented with an abundance of wood, of great age and large size. There are still preserved at Ardvorlich many relics of bygone years, consisting of old armour, &c. The most famous heirloom is a globe of native rock crystal, about the size of a small egg, in an antique setting of silver, attached to a short plain silver chain. The water in which this crystal has been dipped is reckoned among the peasantry of the neighbourhood a sovereign cure for all diseases incidental to cattle, or, indeed, for any disease produced by the popular superstition of an "evil eye;" and the present proprietor has known persons come a distance of thirty miles to obtain the water. Once in his recollection there were few of the neighbouring farmers who had not a bottle of the water placed in their cowhouses. Many and surprising are the instances of cures effected by this relic, which have been narrated to him; however, like everything of the kind, the faith in it is passing away, though still lingering in the minds of a few old persons.


John Bernard Burke, Esq., A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain, Vol. II (London: Hurst & Blackett, 1853), p. 186.

Transcribed on October 12, 2001 by Kelsey Jackson Williams.