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Stewarts of the South

This was written for Colonel David Stewart of Garth, delivered probably about 1815-20, when the Colonel was contemplating writing a history of the Stewarts. From internal evidence it is possible that the author was Captain James Stewart who was dismissed as Atholl's Factor in 1818.

Page 1
Dear Sir
After writing this narrative concerning the
Stewarts of the South twice over I believe it
can be done now with some degree of
Accuracy and since you were so anxious about
it please take the following account as

1 Branch - James Beg of Baldoran parish of Campsie
Stirlingshire was Predecessor of the Stewarts
of Ardvorlich commonly called Slioch Toigh
Nellain from a fortified island in Lochvenacher
Callendar Parish where James Beg usually
resided and had different skirmishes with the
Campbells and came off with success. Those
Campbells are said to be of the family of Bread
albane which I think is not correct as the
Breadalbane Family had no branches & but little
power at that time.
The old Branch of Ardvorlich Family (& sometime Macorriston) became
extinct when the present Mr Stewart's
father became heir - the last branch which you may
see in Duncan Stewart's History was Robert
a rude and boisterous man, he died without issue
Next David his brother was Tenant in Glenfinglas
(and sometimes in Macorriston) was Forrester to the Earl of Murray he was
married to a daughter of Steward of Balled
widow of Campbell of Lochdochard by whom
he had one son - he was a promising youth
he was slain at the unfortunate battle of Culloden

Page 2
David had some natural children his brother
Alexander married Stewart the heiress of Craigtown
of the family of Annat, Craigton is in Down parish
now Earl of Murray's Estate by the Heiress
he had one son and some daughters.
The son was a Lunatic but had the income of the
estate during his life, his sisters claimed the estate
but were rejected
There was another child called William who died in
2 Branch Robert Stewart Taxman of Balmenoch
father to the present Mr Stewart when he was born
there was thirteen between him and the estate
It was with some difficulty he got the estate at all
as he was not an active man himself
This family were called the House of Balmenoch
of which farm they had a wadset or Feu of which
they were dispossessed in an unlawful way by
Robert of the first branch a rude and unruly man,
The first of this Branch was one William an Uncle's
son to Major Stewart he was called William
MacAlastir, the major mentioned above was
the bloody M James Stewart who killed
Lord Kilpont
Ardvurlich is on the South Side of Lochearn parish
of Comrie County of Perth

Page 3
William Stewart Esqur the presant proprietor
four sons 1 Robert 2 John 3 Willm 4 Anthony
2 line John Stewart Tacksman of Balmenoch of Do
son of the late James Stewart Tenant Ardvurlich
Uncle to Mr Stewart of Do - three sons minors,
rent 150
3 line Robert Stewart late Tenant Ardvurlich his
son James Stewart Gentleman farmer
of Laggan Strathyre Balqur parish Buchanan
of Cambusmore's estate One son a minor
pays 260 of rent -
This James Stewart is one of the best man
agers of a farm of any in this country and
keeps excellent cattle - as to character he
as a man it surpasses that of the farmer for
generosity and humanity here the Stranger
finds hospitality and the poor and needy
shelter & relief - he is an ornament to his
Clan in many respects
William his brother lives with him as a fore
man he is a Batchellor
4 line John Stewart Taylor in Edinburgh two
sons finishes Balmenoch house

Duncan Brother to Major Stewart of
Ardvurlich Tacksman of Auch raig Port Parish
Monteith then the property of Ardvurlich

4 page
His son Alexander whose offspring are called Sliochd
Alastir Oaig
1 line James Stewart the Lineal branch son to
Dond Dubh late Tacksman of Grodich Glenfinglas
is Tacksman of Monbreachy port parish Duke
of Montrose's estate Ld of Monteith -
rent 250 - four sons -
1st Dond a wright in Callander three sons minors
2d Alexr Tacksman of Auchyle Port parish
four sons minor, rent 60
3d Archd a Cowfeeder in Glasgow three sons minors
4d Charles a natural son is a Sawer in Callendar
four sons minors, he is the most active of this
family - The above James was a very sensi
ble man and imparted but little of it to his family
except the natural son -
2 line Duncan Stewart Tacksman of Letter Lochcathrine
side Callendar parish estate of Perth was
brother to the above James -
1st left one son John Stewart subtenant of Toighbaid
Barony of Lendrick Callander parish -
once Perth estate, now Sir Patrick Murray
of Auchtertyre - John is a Batchelor
2d Dond his brother Cottager Milton of Aberfoil
one son a minor -
3d David Shepherd to his uncle James Stewart
one son a minor -

5 page
4th Son Charles Stewart a natural son - a Lotter Old
Kilpatrick Dumbartonshire One son a minor
3 line - John Stewart late tacksman of Ruchoais,
Buchanan parish Stirlingshire, D Montrose's
Lochlomondside called Craigrostain claimed
once by Rob Roy Macgregor
1st David his son Cottager Aberfoil, one son a minor
2d Walter Stewart A gardner in Glasgow, 3 sons minors
3d Charles Journeyman Gardner in Do - two sons minors
4 line Alexander Stewart known by the name of Lord
Glasgow at Callander where he hath some houses,
once a grocer in Glasgow - he is both ignorant
and purse proud - is son to James Stewart
late tenant of Cuilanleogale Callr parish
E. Murray's estate, no family, Cousin to
James Ban a man of different turn of mind
4 line Alexander Stewart son to Duncan Stewart late
tenant of ?Drunky, Port parish Ldp of Menteith,
now Mr Hunters Edinr is a Grocer in Glasgow,
three sons in good circumstances, One of them a student
of Divinity -
5 line James Stewart had an uncle Alexander Stewart
commonly called Grudairgorrach - he was Lieut
in Colonel Stewart Invernenty's Regt the year 1745
left one son James who has two sons - Slate quarriers
Isle of Bute
1st David four sons minors
2 James four sons Minors
This finishes Sliochd Alastair Oaig

page 6
A mention shall be made often in the course of this narrative
of Glenfinglas - before I proceed further I shall lay before
you a part of the history thereof
I think it was about the year 1535 or 6 that James Stewart
of Beith or Lord Doun first got possession of this glen
as Steward of Menteith - but before that time it was
occupied by a numerous family or tribe of Clan Resans -
But that tribe were almost lost except some old men &
children in crossing the hill from Glenfinglas to an ad
jacent part of the parish of Callander with a Burial in winter
by coming unawares upon a small lake where the ice
give way and they were all drowned -
The MacGregors who were always ready to seize opportun
ities came and forced the remains of the Clan from the
Glen and became possessors themselves - After the restor
ation of Charles II Major Stewart which was under the
necessity of absconding for killing Lord Kilpont & other crimes
undertook for the Earl of Murray to drive the MacGregors
out of the Glen as they would neither pay rent and comm
ited some acts of riot - and for this action the Earl procured
pardon for the Major - this he executed together with one
John Dubh Beg of Glenbuckie family of Leadchrich the rest
of his party deserted, He took the Leader of the MacGregors
alive and carried him to Down castle where he was executed -
his name was Donach Oar - for this Action the Major
got a tack of Glenfinglas from Lord Down - One fourth
of which he give to the Glenbuckie family 1/4 to Gartnafuarand
and reserved one half for himself and the family of Annat
began to grumble a branch of his own family to whom he
give one fourth of his own half and each party did subsist

Page 7
as most convenient to their own friends and others -
sometimes they did not agree better than strangers
which is often the misfortune of Society -
IV Branch
Duncan Oag of Ardvurlich commonly called Letter
Stewart Tacksman of Letter & Auchraig then belong
ing to Ardvurlich Port Parish
1 line of his descendants I think is
James Stewart Tacksman of Easter & Wester Ward
Kincardine parish Blair Drummond estate a
Gentleman farmer Batchelor is son of
Duncan Stewart once Tacksman of Radnaik Port
parish Gen. Graham of Bogtown - 350 rent
2d John Stewart his brother Farmer in Redhaugh Touch's
estate now Murray of Polmaize Stirlingshire
1st of them an officer in 42 Regt of Foot
2d of them an officer in another Regt
3d learned to be a surgeon and physician
4th learned to be a Writer - Other 2 or 3 at home minors
2 line John Stewart Spirit Dealer in Glasgow son to Donald
Stewart late Tacksman of Auchmore, Port parish
two sons 1st a Spirit Dealer 2 a Cloth merchant
Alexander Stewart his brother a Cotton manufacturer
two sons same line in Glasgow well doing -
James Stewart brother to the above Duncan & Donald
Tacksman in ?Tinich estate of Radnaick Port parish
1st John Stewart his son Tacksman and Maltman in parish
of Kippen estate of Gartmore, Stirlingshire - 4 sons minors
2d James Stewart his Brother Thornhill B Drmd estate
Down parish four sons minors
3 line John Stewart Tacksman Ward of Goodie Erskine of Cardny
Port parish at home 140

page 8
John Stewart Tacksman of Broich Sir Jno McGregor's estate
of Lendrick Down parish three sons employed on the farm -
this finishes the Letter Stewarts

V Branch
The Tulloch Stewarts Sir John M estate at Balquidder
brothers to the flints - Toun Drummadich bought by Sir Jno
from the Perth family is said to belong in ancient times to a
family of the name of Ross. I cant say whither of Kinfauns or Craigie
near Perth
1 line John Stewart at Alloa the employment of
the Steens of Kilbeagie was son to the deceased Dougald
Stewart late Tacksman of Tulloch no sons -
2d John Stewart his Nephew Shepherd at Tulloch One son
a minor he was son to Duncan Stewart late Tacksman
Ledchrich Braes of Balqur
3 Duncan Stewart his brother Shoemaker Campsie
4 James Stewart their brother gone to America
2 line John Stewart late Tenant Tulloch Balqr left two sons
The one a Soldier the Other a Bleacher in Campsie
both of them a family of sons -
1 James Stewart late tenant of Wester Invernenty.
Braes of Balqr estate of the late Revd Mr Stewart
four sons all undertakers of Road and other works
about Glasgow
2 Peter Stewart Gartmore Parish four sons minors
3 James Stewart Brother to Dougald Stewart of
Tulloch Balqr left three sons all in Glasgow
in the Manufacturing line and all of them
in good circumstances. this finishes not the
Stewarts of Tulloch
3 line Robt Stewart left one son John a Shoemaker in Callr
2 Duncan Stewart late tacksman of Clachglass
Glenbuckie left two sons.

page 9
1st David Stewart Moss laird Summerline flanders moss
three sons all at home
2d Duncan Stewart his brother Kirklind Flanders Moss
four sons labourers about himself - the moss is a part
of Blair Drummond estate Kinkardine parish.
This Moss is among the greatest curiosities of Scotland
it is part of the ancient estate of Drummond
gotten by the Heiress of Stobhall
this finishes the Tulloch Stewarts
VI Branch
Sliochd Sheumais Chrosts or Clachtein not improperly
so called they were named Flints from the white stones on the Farm
of Leadsgriachan Balqr possessed by them for many genera
tions as tenants a part of Toun Drummadich now Sir John M
1 line John Stewart Tacksman Fenglam Ardvurlich Comrie parish
son to Peter Stewart late Tacksman Leadsgriadan - hath four
sons all minors one of them a student intended for the
Church of Scotland John is a well doing farmer rent 160
2 line John Stewart Tacksman at Tulloch Cousin to the above Jno
his father Robert was farmer Leadsgriadan
Three sons minors rent 90
2 son James his brother Tacksman of one half of Tulloch
no sons - pays 90 - both flints in reality
3 line John Stewart at Kirktown of Balqr son to Duncan late of Tulloch
no family
4 line Robert Stewart Cruaidh or hard late of Stronyie of
Strathyre Balqr estate of Cambusmore left three sons
1st John Stewart Cottager at Keip of Strathyre Bn estate
a Batchelor with his mother
2 Duncan Stewart his brother a labourer 2 sons
one a minor
3 James Stewart his Brother Colleague at Woodend Balquhidder
four sons minors James is called Earl of Kinoul

page 10
5 line Robert Stewart late tenant of Blarchroich Braes of Balqr
estate of the late Rev Duncan Stewart Balqr left eight sons
1st son James Stewart late Tacksman of ?Drumky Port parish
Hunters estate died childless
2d Robert Stewart late Tacksman Inverchearnaig Braes
of Balqr Earl of Murrays estate left one son
James a Cowfeeder in Glasgow two sons minors
3d Duncan Stewart late Tacksman Drumlich Braes
of Balqr Earl of Murray left two sons
1 David, 2 Duncan both manufacturers Glasgow
two sons each minors they are in a prosperous
and good way
4th John Stewart or Iain Mor a Bhuntata late tenant
in Dailanlagain of Glenbuckie Balquhidder
left one son Alexander a Spirit dealer foot of Cannongate
Edinburgh and doing well two sons minors
5d Peter Stewart Tacksman of Blartannach - parish
of Campsie Stirlingshire estate of ?Craigcarnet -
a Gentleman farmer a clever active sociable man
pays 350 per annum - three sons
1st a Gentleman cattle dealer
2d gone to America 3d a Writer in Glasgow
6th Alexander Stewart late tenant Monachilltuarach
Braes of Balqr estate of Capt Stewart Glenbuckie
left two sons -
Ist Robert a Flesher in Glasgow
2 Malcolm a Cattle dealer in do both unmarried
a good behaviour well meaning and well doing lads

page 11
7th son Donald Stewart Flesher in Renfrew died without issue
8d David late tenant Balmenoch Glenbuckie Balqr
now in Paisley two sons
1st a Flesher
2 a Carrier in Glasgow, both of family
6 line John Stewart late Tacksman Duard Glenfinglas - now
a moss laird in good circumstance one son a Brewer
and Innkeeper in Stirling in a good way, three or four sons -
this finishes Clachteine or flints
VII Branch
Called Sliochd Iain Duibh mhor a natural son of
Major James Stewart of Ardvurlich - This John was
a rude and boisterous man & held Dalveich Lochearnside
parish of Balqr at that time belonging to the Marquis
of Athole now Breadalbanes - John had this farm
by Wadset - his descendants are
1st line Alexander Stewart Feuer in Thornhill village
Down parish four sons
1 Alexander a Wright in Callander one son a minor
2d Duncan a Journeyman wright
3d James a Journeyman wright
4d Daniel with his father a minor
2 line Donald Stewart a feuer Greeloaning Dunblane
parish now in Upper Canada America four sons minors
John his brother a Gardner & Land Surveyer in
London is in respectable circumstances
3 line Donald Stewart late tacksman Ardveich Lochearn
side Comrie parish Drummonds estate three sons
1st John Tacksman at ?Keip of Strathyre Balqr Buchanan
of Cambusmore's estate five sons two above and three
under age

page 12
2 son Alexander Stewart a Moss Laird flanders Moss
Summerline two sons minors
3d Robert Stewart a Shepherd to Capt Stewart of
Glenbuckie at Kintyre a minor
Robert Stewart once Innkeeper Lochearnhead left
two sons Tacksman of Ruinacraig Strathyre Balqr
Cambusmore's estate
1st Duncan one son a minor
2 Robert his brother a batchelor rent 160
4 line Daniel Stewart once tacksman Walbeich
left four sons
1st John Stewart Tacksman Gartnafuaran once
the property of Stewart of Don Balqr parish now
Sir Jno McGregors estate three sons one above
& two minors
2d Duncan Stewart Summerline flanders Moss
two sons one a smith the other a minor
3d Lieut Alexander Stewart P Militia now a feuar
St Fillans Comrie parish Drummonds estate
two sons one a student of Divinity the other a minor
by a second marriage
4d Donald Stewart Summerline flanders Moss -
left one son
5 line James Stewart or Sheumas Ross - late tenant
Ardveich Lochearnside Drummonds estate
left two sons -
1st James Stewart Tenant of Stronvar
Balqr Capt Stewarts estate two sons minors
his rent 60 -
Stronvar belonged once to Capt Fergusson of Do
and to the present Provost Fergusson Cupar
Fife who sold it to Capt Stewart altho I am
sorry to say the Seller is better than the Buyer

page 13
2 son of Sheumas Ross - Robert Stewart once foreman to Mr
Stewart of Ardvurlich now in the same capacity
with one Mr Rob at Menstrie Blairlogie parish
Sir Ralph Abercrombies estate Stirlingshire two sons
6 line Alexander Stewart Tacksman Arveich Comrie Balqr parish
left four sons
1st Robert a Soldier in 79 Regt a family of sons
2 & 3 in the train of Artillery
4 James a lotter at Coilmore Ardvurlichs estate
7 line Alexander Stewart tacksman Dalveich Balqr parish
Breadalbane's estate three sons one above two under age
Robert Stewart Feuer St Fillans Comrie parish D. estate
three or four sons under age
8 line Walter Stewart late Tacksman Cuilanleogail Callr
parish Earl of Murray's left three sons
1st a Soldier the others labourers in Stirling all families
This finishes Sliochd Iain Duibh Mhor
VIII Branch
Annat Family Alexander Stewart of Annat sold
the estate to David Stewart of Balchallan excepting
one farm and some Feues now the property of Sir John McGregor
after the death of worthy Balchallan - which is said
to happen by poison - the most part of his estate Balchallan was sold
to Mr Buchanan of Cambusmor - being contiguous to his
own and the estate of Annat was bought by Lord Down
as it was lying in the midst of his own estate except
the farm mentioned above Bought by Sir John McGregor
a very cheap purchase Balchallan and Annat are in
Down parish - Besides the estate of Annat he had
a tack one fourth Glenfinglas which he did sublet from
the family of Perth had a tack of two Portnellans Loch
venacherside Callander parish purchased by the late
Earl of Murray from the Perth Family he had a tack

page 14
The farm of Offrans and Duncragan bought lately
by Sir Patrick Murray of Auchtertyre from Perth
Family and had good profit of them -
It is said the first of Annat Family was
a Bastard of Ardvurlich Family altho
Duncan Stewart does not mention it and that
he purchased the estate of Annat from
Misset of Burnbank with some money
gotten by his mother from some of the Argyle
Family for hiding them. whither it was by
their marriages or their own activity or through
other circumstances is uncertain but they
rose higher than any other Branch of their
fathers race from Ardvurlich -
The last of them was a great Drunkard
but was very mindful of his two sisters to
See them in Stirling for they were much
supported by Gen Stewart of Boblack
and by the profits of a Tack they had of the
Farm of Offrans of the forfeited estate of Perth
now Sir Patrick Murrays property
as far as I can understand One Mr James
Stewart a merchant in Down and proprietor
of some houses there is the Lineal descendant
of Annat Hath three sons in the mercantile line
in Glasgow -

page 15
His father was uncle to the present Ardvurlich
by the mothers side
2 line Archibald Stewart Noriston near Thornhill
Noriston was part of the estate of Nori Down
parish - Nori Once a great name in that
country now almost extinct except a few
about Carron water Noristown a purchase
of Earl of Murray, Archd son lives at
Kinross in middling circumstances, he deals
much in horses hath a family of sons -
3 line James Stewart Tacksman of Boblack
Carse of Frews Down parish Earls
estate was drowned upon the water of Teith
left two sons.
1st Commissioner Stewart which was
in Stirling - left one son who sold the little
property left him by his grandfather mother
to his uncle Gen Robt Stewart of Boblack
and lives between Edinr & Falkirk -
hath some family
2d son Gen Robt Stewart of Reath
of the Honble East India Company
hath three sons of whom you know
something yourself
4 line Donald Stewart son to Archd Stewart Tacks
man of Lendrick a purchase of Sir Pat Murray
from Perth family - Callander parish One son
330 of rent

page 16
Hugh Stewart, uncle to the foregoing Donald
Stewart Tacksman of the Carse of Camus
near Down Lodge, Earls estate rent 100 -
left five sons -
1st James a tenant there one son -
2d John his Brother Mercht Vintner and farmer
Village of Kippen Stirlingshire four sons
One of them a Surgeon in Glasgow
the rest at home - not this
one a Writer the third a merchant in Glasgow
the fourth at home
3d Alexander Stewart mercht Glasgow one son
4d Hugh Stewart a wright in Glasgow sons -
but I am not certain of their number -
5d Archibald a wright in Stirling a family
of sons but of their number I am not certain
IX Branch
John Stewart of Annat had a natural
son called Iain Buigh mor - give him
a farm in Glenfinglas - his descendants
are now called Bains -
1 line John Bain Mor late tenant Auchnahard
Glenfinglas left five sons
1st son James Stewart late Tacksman Inver
chearnaig Braes of Balquhidder
Earl of Murrays estate. left one son

page 17
of a numerous family but left one son whose name is
line Alexander Stewart Auchnahaurd Glenfinglas
One eight part of Do married to Donald Stewarts
sister at Auch Glenurchay five sons minors
2 line John Stewart late Tenant Auchnahaird left
one son called John Tacksman of Grod
lick One eight of Glenfinglas. one son a minor
3 line Mr Alexander Stewart late Bailie in Glasgow no sons -
4 line Robert Stewart Auchnahard One eight part
of Glenfinglas hath two sons -
1st John. Tacksman of Milton & Blargavred
Callander parish Earl of Murrays estate he is
an active young man, two sons minors 250 ann
2d Son is with his father -
5 Duncan Stewart Tacksman Auchnahard
One eight part of Glenfinglas - hath five sons -
1st John Tacksman of Cuilanteogal & Tarnduin
Callander parish Earl of Murrays estate rent 175
Tarnduin bought from Perth Family John a batchelor
2d son James is a Clark in London -
3 Alexander is with his father at Glenfinglas
4 Robert is with Do
5 Peter is with his father a minor - he hath other
Farms beside Glenfinglas
5 line there was one Walter Cousin to Doal Ban Mor
Tacksman in Ardvurlich left four sons -

page 18
1st son William Stewart Schoolmaster Summerline -
Flanders Moss, who has three sons
1st Son a merchant in Hamburgh
2d son a Clark in Glasgow
3 son an Assistant to his father at Summerline
2 son Brother to the Schoolmaster is in Lord
Downs work. hath four sons
the oldest Massons the third a wright and
the four is a servant man -
3 line Alexander Stewart Crochavie Aberfoil parish
Ldp of Monteith now Duke of Montrose one son
Charles there was one Duncan Stewart Brother to
4 line Walter Stewart Tacksman of Toighbhavid
Callander parish Sir Patrick Murrays new
purchase left one son
Alexander Stewart late Farmer at Auchlow Balqr
Sir J Ms estate now at Callander four sons minors
5 line John Stewart Brother to the Above Walter at Burn
of Camus Down lodge left one son
John Stewart Shoemaker who hath four sons
1st son a masson 2 son a Slater 3 a Wright
4 son a Tayler all doing well, this finishes
Sliochd Iain Buigh Mhor
X Branch David Stewart last of Balchallan had
three brothers -
1st George a Surgeon in Maryland United States America
2d James Commissary of Kinross
3d William had a Commission in the Army

page 19
1 David of Balchallan said to be a keen grasping man
closely attached to the world and not much
to friendship died without issue left his estate to
James his brothers son George Married first a
daughter of Murray of Polmaize who died without
issue his second marriage was to the Heiress of Auchenbuy
a relation to Dr Munro of Edinr left one daughter
who married Benny Munro - Munro married again
a daughter of the late worthy president Blair
As far as I can learn this James of Balchallan altho
born in America was one of the most friendly &
generous gentleman of the name of Stewart of the
Ardvurlich descendants and had the means to
support his generosity - He left three brothers
the Oldest of them came home and was claiming the
Estate of Balchallan but was rejected
Another of them was married to a niece of the celebrated
& Gallant Gen Washington -
2 line James Stewart Commissary of Kinross - two sons
1st Oldest of them a Writer who died at home
2 of them a Capt to the Hon East India Company died
in Jail being taked prisoner by Hyder Ali
The last David of Balchallan being a cunning subtile
man made an attempt to swindle the present Mr
Stewarts father out of the estate of Ardvurlich
who was but a simple man and of little experience

page 20
Before Robert Stewart was well settled in the estate
Balchallan offered to pay the Debt and some money
to himself besides and to leave him the estate if he died
without children - of which offer he would accept if not
persuaded from it by his own wife & Brother James
The estate of Balchallan was the most considerable
of any that the Stewarts had in this country
1st besides the Old estate of Balchallan now the
property of Major Buchanan of Cambusmore pay
about 450 of rent Down parish
2d Wester Brackland Callander parish not sold 300
bought by by Balchallan from the Shaws of Cambusmor
3d Auchcraig & letter of Auchcraig unsold bought by
Hume of Argitie from Ardvurlich 300 per annum
4d Annat bought by David of Balchallan and sold by the
trustees of the last Balchallan to the Earl of Murray 450
5d Argadie Dunblane parish Perthshire unsold 800
6d Auchenboy Stirlingshire 1200 per annum
Glenarteny a part of which they had a lucrative tack
from Drummond of Perth this finishes Balchallan family
The Gartnafuaran family sometimes claims the
seniority which I think is unjust as Ardvurlich
had a good property and was long in possession which
gives them the apparent reality of being the Stem
1 Ardvurlich estate about 600 per annum they had
2 MacCurrastan in Monteith Down parish now E Murray

page 21

a part of the staircase is still remaining and the Orchard a family
of the name of MacCurrastan resided here and the family of Ardvurlich
occasionally - this part was sold by the late Robert of Ardvu
rlichs father to Hume of Argadie to whom David of
Balchallan was heir - and he sold it to Lord Doun - which he
much regretted afterwards -  lyes adjacent to the Carse of
Frews - a large property of the Earl of Murray - rent 200
3 Auchraig & Letter Do - at present Benny Munrows property
sold by the late Roberts father to a family of the name of
Stirling who sold it again to one Mcfarlane from whom the
late David of Balchallan swindled it 300 rent -
altho they were his sisters children it was once a grazing place
to Ardvurlich family
4 Wester Town of Argadie sold by the late Roberts father to
the present Lord Downs Great grandfather 150 of rent
5 Tombeath near ?Anie Callander parish now sold by the
Family of Drummond to Stirling of Kier
6 Druimardoch Braes of Lenny now Buchanan of Lennys
bought from Drummond of Perth
7 Stroineadragain Brealenny sold by the late Roberts
father to Perth family the whole 350 of rent
8 Tommferrain Munivaird parish now Lord Balgray
Once belonging to Riddoch Proprietors of great part of
Strathearn this Farm was sold rather in a compulsive way
by Major Stewarts son to Campbell of Lawirs as they
were in great power at that time Lawirs or Ardle or
Fordie once belonged to Riddoch before the Campbells got
it besides there above mentioned Ardvurlich family

page 22
Had the lucrative tack of one fourth of Glenfinglas
and Other Tacks from the family of Perth - the late Robert
intended to sell Ardvurlich itself, and would actually
sell it if it were not for an advice given by Rob Roy
McGregor - famed for good as well as bad actions -
when he was driven from Callander and Balqr for his pranks
upon the Duke of Montrose he was a fugitive at Auch
Glenurchay Robt of Ardvurlich lodged a night with
him when he was going to sell Ardvurlich to Stewart of
Appin - Rob Roy advised him to keep Feuer of
Ardvurlich and that the Feu should keep him
This finishes Ardvurlich's family as far as I can know
excepting a family in Campsie who says they are of
Ardvurlich one of them John Stewart at Kirkton of
Campsie says his grandfather Duncan Stewart
came from Glenfinglas - had twelve sons I know
some of them scattered through that country there is
one of them a servant to Peter Stewart Blartomach
not of the first rate hath some brothers through that
country - perhaps the present Mr Stewart could
give a more accurate account, as few Gentlemen can
be better versed in the history of his own clan & country
together with other branches of history - it is a pity but
he should commit a part to paper ere he should slip
the cable and leave a part to posterity - But he
is not acceptable to any but such as he counts his
equals & superiors perhaps flatterers and sycophants
might draw something from him

page 23
I shall finish my narration of the Ardvurlich family
and give a sketch of a family whose name shall be
held in esteem by me altho I had but little acquaintance
with any of them
Slioch an Toigh duibh of Glenbuckie who resided
sometimes there and at other times at a farm called
Breachoile Lochcatherineside Callander parish estate
of Drummond of Perth
1st Alexander Stewart late of Glenbuckie sold it to
John Stewart of Benmore, who was married to his
sister, he sold the estate when David his brother was
absent in France this David was a Doctor and was
obliged to go to France after the year 1745
John Stewart of Benmore was descended of the
Family of Ardsheil the most respectable Branch
of Appin Stewarts he was know by the name of
Iain Glac mhac Iain mhic Alastair he gathered
his substance by cattle dealing brewing Whisky & by
other pieces of industry - and purchased Benmore
in Glendochard from Drummond of Perth formerly
the property of Campbell of Coirchaorach of the same place
also Campbell of Licks Killin parish he was married
first to a daughter of Ardsheil by whom he had a son
John his heir & a daughter named Betty a half idiot
which succeed her brother in the estate being Heir at law
next John Glas married a daughter of MacNab of
Iniseoain a clever active woman by whom he had

page 24
Capt Duncan Stewart the present Glenbuckie an
other son Charles who died in the West Indies and
Miss Annie Stewart yet in life - Mrs Stewart marr
:ied again Archd MacNab of Newton Balquhidder
2 John Stewart of Benmore after his fathers death married
the Oldest daughter of Alexander Stewart of Glenbuckie
and sister to Duncan Stewart of Do who was murder
in Lenny house the year 45
Alexander Stewart who sold Glenbuckie and his Brother
David Stewart Surgeon in France
Walter Stewart Tacksman of Glaschoil Aberfoil
parish Ldp of Monteith
The estate of this friendly and hospitable family
was sold by Alexander Stewart of Do being a weak
and sickly person to John Stewart of Benmore
his brother in law upon account of his fear of his
Brother David who was thought extravagant and
when it would come to his hand he would sell it to
Strangers - Benmore sold his own estate
to Breadalbane family and thought to get an
overprice & bought Glenbuckie - from his
brother in law Alexander
He purchased the half of another farm called Blar
crioch Braes of Balqr now the property of the late
Revd Duncan Stewart Minr from MacGregor of Glen
:goil otherwise MacDhuilcheir - Sir Gregor McGregor
a Great grandfather - John of Benmore died without
issue & Betty his sister became Heir of Glenbuckie

page 25
Being his father and mothers Daughter it is said that it
was his intention to leave the estate to his brother
Capt Duncan Stewart the present Glenbuckie
but was advised by some friends from doing it and he
died intestate this was told me by the Captains
mother the deceased Mr Alexander Macnab of
Iniseoain Glendochard told me that the only portion
left Capt Stewart and his sister was 150 each
and money was never better managed by a trustee
than that was managed by Iniseoan for his sisters
Betty married one David Stewart of the Stewarts
of Glenogle Cloichglas or Hyndfield a branch
of those Garnafuaran or Sliochd an Toighbhaoil
Glenogle is a part of the estate of Breadalbane
Balquhidder parish
David Stewart of Craig ruidh Balquhidder
sold it to one Maclaren again it was sold to
Macnab of MacNab now to one Macdonald from
Glenlyon. David Stewarts father had once
Monachill Mor and Monachill Beg Braes of Balqr
now the property of Miss MacNab grand daughter
to Archd MacNab of Newton as mentioned above
David by the extravagance of his wife
Betty was under the necessity of enlisting as
a single soldier

page 26
being but a simple good natured man and servant
for seven years the late Revd Mr Maclaggan Blair
Athol in the 42d Regiment after his return home rents
were higher and his circumstances became more easy
and by his simplicity & short sight he sold Wester
Invernenty Braes of Balqr to the late Rev Mr
Stewart whose son hath it yet also sold
Blarchrich Braes of Balqr to the late worth
Capt Robert Fergusson of Stronvar
The Revd Dunn Stewart bought Blarcroich from
Capt R Fergussons nephew, the present
Provost of Cupar in Fife - which farms his
estate with wester Invernenty Braes of Balqr
now the property of his son Capt Alexr Stewart of
Strathgarry in Athol of the East India Comy
Mr Stewart Minr was called by many covetous
and Greedy - I thought this was not justice
to his Character I believe he was a friendly &
Honourable Gentleman many who slandered
him would wish him back again
When David Stewart of Craigruigh married
Betty Stewart what he got by her would be
now as good as seven or eight hundred pounds
per annum - after his death his Son
John Stewart late Glenbuckie took loose reins

page 27
took loose reins altogether and was like to go through
all his mother Betty by the advice of Miss Annie Stewart
his sister bound herself under the tutorage of her Brother
Capt Duncan Stewart. William Stewart of Ardvurlich
Commissary MacPhillip Stirling & the Revd
Duncan Stewart of Balquhidder - as
Capt Stewart had an eye in the estate never took
any steps to clear the debt after the death of
The Revd Mr Stewart & Commissary MacPhillip which
would not permit of any misconduct he withdrew
himself from the Trusteeship the estate was advertised
for sale and Capt Stewart bought it for 12500
which was thought undervalue at that time if one
farm should be sold the Debt might be paid and
the rest reserved. after the sale of the late John Stewart
of Glenbuckie was turned out of his maternal estate
and the farm occupied by himself was let to his
own tenants which he thought more cruel than
the selling of the estate itself the same as if Mr Duncan
MacDiarmid would take your worthy Fathers
place at Conichan you know whither ingratitude
he ought to do it - But Glenbuckie Farmers
shall never get such a good master he offered as
much rent for his residing farm as any other would
give to his uncle but was turned off which he
thought harder than selling the estate -

28 page
Whatsoever the conduct of low unprincipled Villans
is where no good can be expected I think this is a Slur
upon this prosperous namesick of ours -
This is the truth not a word being aggravated but
rich people can justify" their deeds whither
right or wrong the Prosperous
Capt Stewart bought again from Sir John McGregor
for 4000 Glendubh that was in the centre of the
hills of Glenbuckie then the grazing place of Gart
nafuaran Blaqr rent 200 per annum
Again bought from John Fergusson of Stronvar owing
to some mismanagement in business the estate of
Stronvar Balqr joining his own of Glenbuckie
for twelve thousand five hundred Pounds - a dear
purchase - those Fergussons came of a low degree
the Revd Mr Finlay Fergussons father was a Smith
in Lagga maolin in Athol but they were worthy
and respectable people in this part of the world.
Grandfather to Middlehaugh who was married to Mr
Dun MacDiarmid in Conichans daughter was
brother to Mr Finlay Fergusson
Before him Middlehaugh was possessed by a Branch of
the Stewart of Urachill Beg in Athol
Stronvar was possessed by one Stewart Hyndfield
of Gartnafuaran family Balquhidder -

page 29
Before Mr Fergusson got it last year Capt Stewart Bot
Easter Invernenty from MacNab of MacNab for 2500
he wants only one farm of a whole countryside his
rents amounts to Ten or eleven hundred pounds
besides his estate in Kintyre 500 per annum -
he improves his estates and but little Debt which
he can easily pay - and if Capt Stewart shall live any
time in all probability he shall by the small estate
left by the Revd Mr Stewart which annexed to the
present estate will form one of the compleatest
in the Highlands of Perth
I proceed now to a different Branch from those
called Sliochd an Nihduibh who were humane
generous & hospitable a Father & Guardian to their
own tribe and others for a long time Laird & tacksman of Glenbuckie
Duncan Stewart 9th of Glenbuckie possessed it having bought it from
the Marquis of Athol his proge
nitors having for a long period occupied it as wadsetters
Glen buckie consists of the following Farms 1d Immireoin
2d Leannach one of the best grazings in Balquhidder
Dailanlaggan or Bailmor where the black house
was from which they had that appellation a very good
farm and some cottages under different names.
Wester Invernenty one half of Blarcroich adjacent to
each other in the Braes of Balquhidder some years agone
it would be worth 6 or 700 a year also one fourth of
Glenfinglas in Tack

page 30
Brenchoil Lochcatrineside in tack from Drummond of Perth
where he sometimes resided you cannot conceive what figure
this family made with their little income they were loved
and honoured by their own relatives and others to excess-
its often the case that prosperity will not make people so
valuable to their friends as middling circumstances
a few exceptions may be made who hath good hearts -
many when they prosper in the world despise and hate
their poor relatives and too much prosperity makes some
people proud and haughty
Alexander Stewart of Glenbucky which was murdered
in Lennyhouse year 45 left four sons 2 Alexander 1
Duncan 3 David 4 Walter. Duncan the Heir died of the
of consumption. Alexander sold the estate died of the
same disease David returning from France was much
cast Down for the sale of the estate became Tacksman
of One fourth of Glenfinglas. resided at Auchnard had
one half of Glenmain in Glenfinglas as a grazing place
had Brenchoil also in tack as his predecessors had it
after the Earl of Murray purchased it altho he was
too free with the bottle he was in the way of redeeming
Glenbuckie from his Brother in law Benmor
and intended to go to court a Lady of the name of
Stewart in our country whose name I shall not mention
here some years before he died he went to Dunibuzzle
to the Earl of Murray and Drew a new Lease of
Glenfinglas. the Tenants were afraid he would take the
whole in his own hand but he brought a separate Tack

page 31
some friends said to him they would not use him so if they
had in in their power he answered compare me not to
such men
Walter his brother Tacksman of Glaschoil south side of Loch
Catherine Ldp of Monteith now Duke of Montrose in
Aberfoil parish died some years before David and had no
family I think the real Heir or representative of this
ancient family is a brother's son to Duncan Stewart
who wrote the history of the Stewart he is in America
was sometime Lieutenant of a man of war -
But the nearest of them in this country is one
1 Branch
Walter Stewart an unworthy person was son to
John Stewart was Tacksman Waster Bridge of Turk
Earl Murray Callander parish his Grandfather Walter Stewart son
to Duncan Stewart 12th of Glenbuckie & a daughter to
Graham of Dochry. he was some years ago turned
out of that farm for some misconduct or other
his mother was of Balchallan
It was for the small crime of cutting an Oak tree
he was turned out and he denied the charge but it
was proven and no argument would prevail
with the Earl of Murray to let him stay because
of not letting the truth but Other people were under
mining him he had One eight of Glenfinglas he is
now a poor cottager a real contrast of his progenitors
which shews the uncertainty of human affairs -
he hath four sons - the next was
2 line Alexander Stewart son to the said Duncan Stewart of
Glenbuckie & Graham of Dochrys daughter

page 32
was Tacksman of Tomnasai near the Kirkton of Balqur
Sir John McGregors estate of which he was disposed
some time before his death by one Ronald McGregor a son
to Rob Roy when the forfeited estates were in the hands of
the Barrons of the Exchequer - He left three sons
Alexr, John & David
1st Alexr was a servant to the Queen of Denmark
daughter to George II - and had a pension, left one son
2d David died unmarried had no children
3d John resides in Callander - was a gentleman's
servant and became door keeper to the Secretary of
States Office in the time of the Honble Henry Dundas and Mr
Pit's administration, hath a pension of 80
a year. He was a great favourite of Lord Melville &
Mr Pit. He hath no family - and for all that this man
travelled through Europe his morals were not corrupted
nor his good manners were changed from what they should
be nor from what becomes an honest man - he is loved &
respected by all his friends and acquaintances. He rears up
and educates his brother's son as a Gentleman.
3 line Patrick Stewart fourth son to Duncan of Glenbuckie
and Graham of Dochrys daughter his offspring
are in London I leave their history to farther information
this finishes the first branch of Glenbuckie
Alastir mac Dhoal Tacksman of Duncragan
Callander parish Perths estate now Sir Patrick Murray
of Auchtertyre he was of a Bastard line left two sons
1st a Bleacher new town of Campsie the other at
Bonill Levenside Dumbartonshire both sons

page 33
I omitted to mention something about the late David of Glenbuckie
s death who was lamented to desparation by those of his own
family and others gentle and simple after his death his affairs
were managed by Mr Robert Stewart writer in Edinburgh
your Granduncle commonly called Rob Uncle and what
remained of his effects was given to his two sisters
Mrs Stewart Benmore she married secondly Cameron of
Callard the other Cameron of Lundabhar David had
some natural children who died before himself
II Branch
Commonly called Sliochd Iain Dui bheig, fifth son of
Duncan 9th of Glenbuckie & a Daughter of MacGregor of Inver
lochlaraig he was called Iain Du beg in extreme from an
other man called Iain Du mor in the same house - John Du beg
was one of the stoutest men in the country it was him
who was with Major Stewart when they drove the Macgregors
from Glenfinglas - and he was the best soldier of the two,
they slept in the hill and their followers deserted them, the
place was between Glenbuckie & Glenfinglas, the Major was
for returning back if it was not for John beg, the Macgregors
being that day burning there houses in Glenmain which was
close with wood, the two came to the tree where the Macgregors
had left their arms and John Du Beg asked the Major whether
he would secure the arms or Catch Callum Owr, the
leader of the Macgregors. The Major undertook the securing
of the Arms and threw them into a hole full of water.
John Du Beg said to Callum Owr if he would stir he would
kill him and brought him prisoner to Down where
he was executed and the Stewart got the tack of the Glen.

page 34
1 line Rob Mac Pharick mac Iain Du Beg was Tacksman
in Lianach Glenbuckie left two sons - James & Peter
2d James Stewart had five sons -
1 son Duncan Tacksman Aldannabreg Aberfoil
died without any sons
2 James Tacksman of Wester Invernenty Braes of Balqur
again of Bohelechan Drymen parish three sons
living at Drymen hath families Duke of Montroses work
3 Alexander Tacksman Invernenty Braes of Balqur
one son Robt Cottager Allanabreak Aberfoil who
hath one son a Shoemaker in Callendar
4 Duncan Tacksman Blarchroich Braes of Balqr
left two sons Robt & Duncan
Robert is a Shepherd to Blair Drummond Kincarin
parish one son an honest & industrious person
Duncan his brother now dead left three sons minors
in Flanders Moss Blair Drummond's estate
his wife nursed a child to Blair Drummond and
hath been the means of supporting his family
3 John Tenant of Lianoch Glenbuckie left one son
James once tenant of Tommineoin Glenbuckie
now a Crofter at Kilmahog near Callander
Buchanan of Lennys estate three sons minors
2 line Patrick mac Ross mhic Pharick had two sons
called Donach Rioch & Iain Riach
1 of them Duncan a good soldier a Tacksman of Lianach
Glenbuckie left two sons
1 son a moss Laird flanders Moss Summerline
an industrious man hath two sons with himself

35 page
2 son Duncan his brother a workman village of Thornhill
Down parish four sons minors -
3 line Iain Riach mor lived at Camusbarron near Stirling
had four or five sons I believe one of them was the
same John Stewart who served and died with you
when in the 42 Regt John Riach mor was a very
good soldier this finishes Sliochd Iain Du beig
III Branch
Duncan Stewart brother to Iain Du beg of Glenbuckie
had three sons
1st Alexander his Successor. James & Donald of
James descended James Stewart formerly Tenant
in Glenfinglas again of Ardcheanenock Locheathrin
Drummonds estate Calander parish. They were
a long time forresters of Glenfinglas under Glenbuckie
Alexander Stewart late tacksman Ardcheanchnock
left one son James a grocer in Glasgow a well
doing and industrious man - three sons -
2 line John Stewart once Tacksman Ardcheanchnock
now in Coircromby near Callander purchased by the
Earl of Murray from Drummond of Perth this lot
consist of Bochastill Tarndown & Coircromby
which cost 15000 foresaid John yet alive four sons
1st son James a Lieutenant dies in east India
2d Duncan who made application to yourself for a letter
gone to the west Indies and is doing well
3 Alexander a Cattle dealer with his father
4 Donald at home with himself, John Stewart is
an honest man pays 75 of rent

page 36
John Stewart Tacksman Duard Glenfinglas had three sons
his Brother Donald Aldanobreach Aberfoil one son
Alexander son to Iain Dubh Duard Glenfinglas left
three sons - one of them is
John Stewart one of the eight sharers of the glen rent 105
hath two sons who are minors
4 line 1 Alastir mac Iain Duibh went to the isle of Arran
and left a family there
2d Donald mac Iain Duibh taken to Holland by the
Honble Gen John Stewart Grand uncle to the presant
Earl of Murray. he died a Major in the Army & left
a family in England
3d Walter Stewart once Tacksman of one eighth of Glenfinglas
left two sons - now cottagers Duncragan Sir Pat
Murrays estate Callander parish bought from Perth
family two sons minors
2d Duncan Stewart his brother shepherd in Leadchrich
Braes of Balquhidder two sons minors
5 line Donald Stewart cottager Aldannabreach Aberfoil
Duke of Montrose estate is brother to John Stewart
Waster Bridge of Turk One son - this finishes the first Branch of
Sliochd Sheumais Mhic Alastir mhic
Dhunachy a real friendly & Clanish Branch
IV Branch Donald Stewart brother to foresaid James called
Craiglevan Stewarts from a small farm possessed by
them near Ardcheanchnockan
I give the History of James Stewart of Tar formerly who had
five sons all dead and the estate sold

37 page
Ldp of Monteith now Montrose estate I remember when he had four sons
now all dead
1 Alexander the Oldest of them was married to an Aunt of the
present Glengoil left five sons three sons of them are dead
1 James the oldest is a soldier
2 Gregor is a grocer in Glasgow
6 line Alexander Stewart mac Iain Duibh Brother to James of
Dunveirg Tacksman Duncragan Callander parish Sir P
Murrays estate one son a live
This shews the variety of human affairs I saw this family
at once friendly & flourishing now all dead except one son
who is a seaman at sea. this finishes Sliochd Dhonal mhic Alastair
mhic Dhonachie called the Craiglevan Stewarts
V Branch
James Mac Alastir foresaid had a son a Tenant of
Lorachans Loch Cathrine side Callander parish estate of
Drummond whose offspring goes under the denomination of Lorachans
1 James Stewart late Tacksman of Orachans & Edralecheg
same place commonly called the Black Serjant left three sons
1 John Stewart first son died before his father -
2d Walter Stewart presant Tacksman of Lorachans & Edraleek
Loch Cathrine side Callander parish estate of Drummond
which was a lucrative tack from the Barons of Exchequer for along
time two sons minors rent 140
3d Alexander Stewart Brother to Walter is Land Surveyor in England
Alexander his brother left two sons
2 of them head gardiner to Sir Robert Preston of Valleyfield
Perth this a good situation

38 page
2 line of Lorachans Robert Stewart Brother to foresaid James was tacksman
at Gartmore port Monteith parish had four sons
1 son James Stewart cottager Aberfoil Lordship of Monteith
two sons with their father
2 James Stewart Householder village of Gartmore three sons
the first is a mason the second a Gardner the third is
a Shoemaker
3d Patrick Stewart a Taylor in Glasgow four or five sons
4d Duncan Stewart a Labourer in Glasgow a family of sons
3 line of Alexander Stewart Tacksman of Bochastaill Callr parish
Earl of Murrays estate bought from Drummond of Perth
one of the prettiest farms in Perthshire left five sons
1 Charles Stewart innkeeper in Callander - no sons
2 Walter Stewart a merchant in Callander - no family of sons
3d David Stewart a Spirit Dealer in Glasgow two sons doing well
4 Peter Stewart Cowfeeder in Glasgow three sons
5d Alexander Stewart Cowfeeder in Glasgow one son who
is an English Rider & doing well
4 line Duncan Stewart late Tacksman Cuilanleogail
Callander parish Earl of Murrays estate left three sons
1 of them Duncan a labourer to the Earl of Murray near
Doun Lodge four sons One of them in the Earls
service the rest are minors
2d Donald Summerline flanders Moss Kincardine parish
four sons two of them soldiers who performed Actions
becoming the Descendants of their progenitors - the
Other two is with their father -
3d John Innkeeper Down three sons minors
the above Duncan had a brother a Baker in Dunfermline
with a family this finishes the Lorachans

39 page
Walter Stewart present Tacksman of Lorachans keeps as hospitable
a house as any tenant i know and so did his father before
VI Branch
Called Slioch Valter nan Cliugh of Glenbuckie house was
Forrester to the Earl of Monteith in Benvinu when that family
lived in Splendor in the Island of port of Monteith
one of his descendants was commonly called by the name of
Iain du na Stroain Tacksman of Sroin Lochcatherinside
Callander parish Drummond of Perth estate he was Lieut
in Duke of Perths Regt the year 45 he was Feuer of
Balmenoch in Glenbuckie which he sold to that family after 45
as all his goods were destroyed. perhaps no clan could boast of an
Honester friendlier man than this was. left three sons
1 line Duncan died before his father and had one son - who was a writer
in Stirling now dead also
2d Walter Tenant in Stroine left three sons John Donald & Alexander
which retained a good part of their fathers hospitality
1st John Stewart Tacksman of Stroin & Ardmacmavine is a batchelor
2 Donald a Tenant with John at Stroin not married
3rd Alexander subtenant to his brother one son a minor rent 200
2 line Alexander Stewart Tacksman of Sheanchoil Aberfoil parish
Ldp of Monteith Duke of Montrose - three sons
1 John is a writer in Glasgow
2d Duncan is with his Father at home looking after the farm
3rd Alexander is a minor and at home likewise
The presant Duke of Montrose got the Lordship of Monteith
in an unjust way. I mean his grandfather upon condition that he would
marry a Daughter or a Sister of Keith the last Earl of Marshal she
was Cousin to the last Earl of Monteith son to
Lord Kilpont who was killed by Major Stewart of Ardvurlich
by a daughter of Keith Marshall and did not perform the
articles but married a Daughter of Carnegi of North Esk

40 page
Grandmother to the present Duke of Montrose and kept the estate of
Monteith hook & crook the best feather in the Dukes wings
He is a better Master than your Lord Breadalbane but is not to be
recommended in everything
John Du na Sroan had three grand uncles first of them
Peter Stewart Tacksman of Lianach Glenbuckie of whom came
1d John Stewart presant Tenant of Lianach three sons minors 200 rent
2d Donald Stewart his brother Copartner two sons minors rent 200
3 line Duncan Stewart late Tacksman of Balmenoch Glenbuckie
one son Duncan tacksman of Kirkton Balquhidder Sir John
M. Macgregors estate a Batchellor a thrifty farmer 250 rent
Andrew Stewart brother to the above Duncan of Balmenoch was Tacksman
of Coilbohaile Breas of Down Earls estate
left one son
John Stewart Smith Burn of Camus near Down Lodge 3 sons
1st James a Smith and successor to his father is unmarried
2d John a Labourer in Crieff two sons
3d James a wright in Stirling two sons minors
2 Charles Stewart Brother to the above John was a mason at
Burn of Camus left two sons. John and James who made both
of them fortunes each had a family - as spirit Dealers in Glasgow
3 William Stewart brother to Charles Stewart was a Smith
in Down left two sons
1 John a respectable Cloth merchant in Glasgow
2 William a Master Ferrier Dragoon guards - there was
one Walter Stewart once Tenant Breas of Down - of the above
race had a son a labourer to the Duke of Montrose
three sons at Buchanan in the Dukes works -

41 page
3 Daniel Stewart Tacksman of Drepan Barony of
Lendrick Sir Patrick Murray's estate from Perth family
Callander parish was brother to foresaid Walter & Andrew
left four sons
1d John an undertaker of works about Glasgow
2 James a Land surveyor in Glasgow two sons
3 Walter a Labourer in Glasgow
4 Duncan a Shoemaker in Port Dundas at Glasgow two sons
3 line Duncan Stewart late subtenant of Stroin Lochcathrineside
left two sons first son David now dead
2 son Walter Flesher in Glasgow is unmarried
Walter Stewart brother to foresaid Duncan had two sons
first of them dead second son Walter now in Nova Scotia
north America and doing well there intends to return
3 Donald Stewart subtenant of Stroine had one son
commonly called the Morrair for being servant to the
Earl of Murray - left one son a sea captain
Robert Stewart tacksman of Inchry Aberfoil parish
Ldp of Monteith now Duke of Montroses left one son -
James a Mercht & Grocer new town of Fintry Stirlingshire
erected by Mr Spiers of Kilchroich a respectable gentleman
James Stewart or Sheumas MacPharic Tacksman of
Inverlochlarig Breas of Balquhidder Earl of Murrays estate
left two sons first James died at Pitmmain in our own
country he was an honest man he was Grieve to
Mr Menzies of our own Country - and before that to
MacIntyre a great Rascal and I doubt not but Jas
was a better man than either of the masters altho the
servant again his brother
2 John formerly Tenant of Immireoin Glenbuckie
& Murlagan Balqur Capt Stewarts estate

42 page
Now condemned to be a moss laird which is not much better
than Egyptian Slavery. perhaps this man left few equals in
goodness in Balquhidder and now as little respect is paid
to him as to an old pack horse - which shows the
uncertainty of human affairs
4 line Peter Stewart commonly called Par na Bearla a Schoolmr
in Suanard Argyleshire left four sons
Two of them Officers in the Army and lost their lives in
their countrys cause the third a soldier now a pensioner
in Fortwilliam the fourth a minor in Strontian
this finishes Sliochd Valtair nan Cliugh
VII Branch
Duncan Stewart late Tenant Duard Glenfinglas &
Coirchrom by Earl of Murrays estate had a numerous
family none of which survived him except two sons of three marriages
1 The late pious and worthy Revd Mr James Stewart
Minister of Killin & Donald his brother Tacksman of
Shibhrigh Breas of Down Earl of Murrays
The Revd Mr James Stewart had three sons - John Peter & James
1 Dr John Stewart Minister of Luss Lochlomondside
he cannot be called a bad man but hath a good deal of unsoci
able pride which no Minister should have as their Doctrine
is humility & Charity which many of them preach and
fewer practice Dr Stewart hath one son Joseph
2 The Revd Patrick Stewart Minister of Killin who
I believe the best before this Pedantic Coxcomb
3 James a half pay Officer at Croftandeoran near Killin
4 Donald a manufacturer in Glasgow who died
a young man a Thomas who died young also
Mrs MacLaggan a real Phenix

34 page
David Stewart Tacksman Breas Doun Murrays
estate was brother to the Revd Jas Stewart three sons
1 Donald a wright went to the island of Colossa where he
married and became Bowman or Arroch to ?Ardsheal
his wife nursed some children to ?Ardsheal and became a favourite
of that family had three sons
1st James a Quarter master and Lieut in the 91 Regiment
a decent well looking man
2d Alexander a manufacturer in Paisley
3 John in the family line in Collosa with his father
2 Duncan the wright a famous character married against
his inclinations began drinking and died left no sons
but some daughters
3 John something of Dr Stewarts character a workman to
Lord Down was seized with a palsy lives near Down Lodge
hath two pecks of meal per week from the Earl of Murray
this finishes that worthy family of whom few clans can
boast of such characters
VIII Branch
Glentarken Stewarts at Lochearnside a Bastard
race far back
1 line Walter Stewart late Tacksman of Lianoch Glenbuckie
called Valtair Chlachain his progenitors were Tacksmen
of Kirkton Balqur for a long time but lost it by some
crook at law this man left two sons
1 James Stewart Tenant Innirvulin Strathyre Balqur
Buchanan of Cambusmors estate five sons rent 50
1 Walter a marble cutter in Glasgow no sons
2 Robert at home with his father
3 Duncan a Smith at Aberfoil one son a minor
4 & 5 John & James minors

44 page
2 son John Stewart brother to James died in Strathyre
left four sons minors - this John died at Nineveh
of Strathyre a village erected by the late Mr Buchanan
of Cambusmore a place as bad as Nineveh of Old
2 line James Stewart Tacksman Auchnaharud Glenfinglas
left four sons
1 son Alexander Stewart Shepherd Inverchearnaig
Breas of Balquhidder a part of the ancient estate
of Macgregor of Glencearnaig now the earl of Murray
a Copartner lease of the Stewarts or Bans of Glenfinglas
hath five sons Duncan James Robert & David John
2 James is a Shepherd in Gleneilg Robert a servant
man to Mr Robert Steward Auchnahard Glenfing
3 John is Shepherd to Duncan Stewart Duard
Glenfinglas at the farm of Duilatur Port parish
5 David with John Stewart Stroin Lochcathrineside
2 son David Stewart Lotter Auchraw Lochearnside
Breadalbanes estate brother to foresaid Alexander
hath four sons minors
3 son Robert Stewart Shepherd to one Mr Fergusson
Glenfearnate Duke of Athols estate Kirk
Michaels parish Perthshire two sons
4 James Stewart brother to the above Tacksman of
Greenhill Dollar parish Clackmannanshire
six daughters and no son which is a pity as
a better heart was never tempered in fire
this finishes Glentarkin Stewarts

45 page
I shall speak something of Glencarnaig Breas of Balqur
since I mentioned it so often - It was purchased by the
Earl of Murrays Grandfather at a judicial sale from the
Court of Session sixty years ago for the sum of 3450
It consists of the following Farms - Inverchearnaig where
there is a Mill & Inverlochlarigbeg in one farm in the
hands of Messrs Stewart of Auchnahaurd & Duard Glenfinglas
rent 360 now in the hands of Mr McDonald of Craigsuidh
Breas of Balquhidder - Inverlochlarigmore & Drumlich
Tuarach Inisheart & Drumlichdesarach rent 550
and if times were good it would be worth double - the
whole is in lease to Messrs Dond & John McDonald -
there was in this place once twenty six Tenants it is one
of the finest grazing farms in the Highlands of Perthshire
the whole of the Breas of Balquhidder was burned & spoiled
the year after forty five no man can describe the cruelty
of the savage soldiers - the first of the family of
Iain Oag Beg who got a feu of Inverchearnaig & Inver
lochlarigbeg from the Marquis of Athol
Iain oag Beg was son to John Macgregor Forrester of
Coircheich or Mamlord Breas of Glenlochay called
Sliochd Dhonaich Bhreich - Grigar Aullin
& Donald Ladasach - but I have no time to tell
particulars of them at presant altho I know as much
of them as any man in life

46 page
Iain Oag Beg made a runaway marriage with a Daughter
of Coirchaorach she was called Mari nighean Eoain
by her he had three sons
1st Robert Macgregor of Inverchearnaig a Decent
gentleman married first a Daughter of Campbell
of Ruoro Glenlyon by whom he had a son & Daughter
The son died in the West Indies and the Daughter
married a son of Graham of Bogtown port parish
and by a fortunate accident she was mother to the
presant General Graham of Bogton the richest
and the worst of that family or ever was of them
Graham (Macgregor) married again a Daughter of Lodwick Cameron
Brother to Lochiel she had no family thirdly a
Daughter of Drummond of Hawthernden whose offsp
ring died or otherwise would enjoy the estate
2 Ewan mac Iain Oaig Sir John Macgregors father
made a runaway marriage with a Daughter of the
family of MacDonald isle of Sky he was a Drover
and made her believe he was proprietor of Balquhidder
and a very well built house she saw when coming home she
thought to be her own - But all that awaited her was
a miserable cottage in the breas of Balquhidder
and a Farm of one fourth of a Plough sometime
thereafter they went to Inverchagerney in Strathfillan
where they had a like possession of one fourth of a plough

47 page
Inverchagerney in Strathfillan Once belonging to Campbell
of Lochdochard now to MacNab of Macnab
from that place to Crianlarach Ewan Murray went to
keep the Change house in Lochdochard estate
where he resided for a long time from thence to the Inn
at Lochearnhead where they lost all their property
by fire from Lochearnhead to Down & Sir James
Cohan of Luss procured him an Ensigncy in the
Scotch Hollanders Sir James was reckoned a protector
of the MacGregors at that time then the Grants &
MacGregors were thought Brothers by this marriage
with Mary MacDonald Ewan had four sons
1 Sir John Murray MacGregor of Lendrick
2 Colonel Peter who died coming home from India
who made more money than all the rest
3d Alexander who was a Colonel also
4d Robert who was said to be a Major
Iain Oag beg had another son who was a Writer
in Edinburgh had one son who died in the east
India and a daughter married to Donach Maol
Chronains son a Clerk Commercial Bank Edinr
This estate of Inverchearnaig they had not altogether
only Inverchearnaig Inverlochlarigbeg & Drum
-lick Tuarach Inverlochlarigmore belonged to one
MhacDhuail Cheir and Drumlichbeg to a gentleman
of the name of Mclaren It is said that Sir John
paid for Lendrick when he came from India
13000 he got the estate of Gartnafuaran from

48 page
For 15 or 2000 and ? Dummadich for a mere
triffle of 9000 from the family of Perth and 500
for Old Tacks 9000 to Mr Murdoch of Gartnacabber
for two farms near Lendrick 2600 for the farm of
Kirkton of the estate of Annat near Down Lodge a real
Bargain 6000 for Gart near Callander bought from
Perth family some farms at Ruskie in Monteith
south from Callander never a MacGregor had
Charters upon so much land before
The estate of Lendrick once belonged to the worthy
family of Haldane they got it in time of King
David or James the first by a Daughter of Sir John
Monteith of Ruskie who married a son of Haldane
of Gleneaguis another a Son of Napier of Marchiston
near Edinburgh and the estate of Ruskie was
divided between them farm about the estate of
Naipier was sold long ago in lots to different
purchasers and Haldanes share was sold to
Sir John which amounts to about 2200 a year
with parks & every other thing his estate in Balquhidder
is about 1200 a year but it is one third too dear
and not very regularly paid all his estates may
be about 3500 pounds per annum his Motto is
Rioghail mo dhream Ardchoil but he needs
not brag much of Ardchoil and if I live to see
you I will tell you of Donach Ladasachd &
Peter Glas

49 page
his brother in Auchrioch Strathfillans they were the
most iniquitous characters the earth ever
produced striving who would be the most wicked
Iain Oag Beg Sir Johns grandfather came to take possession
of the Breas of Balquhidder and Rob Roy Macgregor
employed four of the MacGregors some of his own low gang
to assassinate him but he being a cautious man and
possessed of more country eloquence diverted them from
their wicked attempt till they came to Rob Roys house
at Waster Inverlochlarig where they intended to recomitt
the same deed but were prevented by Rob Roy himself
who wished not for any strangers to intrude upon his
own tribe Sliochd Dhuil Cheir the Glengyle MacGregors
there was an attack made upon him again at the
farm of Inverchearnaig of which he wished to take possession
by a tribe of MacIntyres who had been there time
unknown - notwithstanding Sir John was the
most useful to his own clan that ever was called
MacGregor and since his advancement in the world
he did more for his own clan than all the Stewarts
put together for the most of them is rather ashamed
to do a good turn to one another since the revolu-
tion of the years 15 and 45 when it became real
fashionable by all ranks to run down the
name of Stewart which must be a real Slur upon
a civilised nation

50 page
Upon cool recollection some of the Stewarts themselves
to their great shame were as guilty as others
But this was not the case with the MacGregors
for they would stand each other at the risk of their
Lives & Fortunes -

[BREAK. Continues in another hand]

Branch ninth - commonly called "Sliochd Gleannma>
gaolric" Duncan (og) Stewart, Tenant in Glen
Buckie Balquhidder Parish and Capt Stewart
property - had three sons viz. Duncan Stewart ten
ant, Lianach, Glen bucky. This Duncan had three
sons - viz Duncan, sometime ago at Doune who also
left three s - viz Duncan shepherd with the E of
Murray at Doune Lodge, a good character in his
own station - David, a student of Divinity, a
profound scholar - Donald, a shepherd in Campsie
Parish Stirlingshire, all unmarried.
John, son of Duncan og, commonly called "Ian
McDonachie" the decentest tenant that
was in Balquidder when I frequented that place
first - he was tacksman of Achlaskin, part of
the property of Sir John Murray-MaGregor in
Balquidder - left three sons all dead except
one, Duncan who is what they call a Moss-Laird
in Summerline, Flanders moss, Blair Drummond
property, who has four sons all under age - This
Duncan was a real profligate and reduced
himself and his fathers family to perfect slavery
in that place. There was another son of
Duncan og called James, formerly tenant in
Ardchechnacnocan, Callander parish, part of
Burrel Drummonds' estate, who left three
sons. viz:- Angus, who emigrated to N
America, and who had three sons - Duncan
a moss-laird in Erskine of Cardross' estate in
port parish, Perth county who has three sons
under age - Patrick, another son of
James crofter in Soldiers' land near Callander
also three sons under age

NB I forgot to mention the three sons of
the second Duncan Stewart - the oldest was
Duncan who had three sons as above. The
second was Donald, a moss laird in Summer-
line, Flanders Moss, Blair Drummonds property
who has no family - Alexander, the youngest
brother, who superintends Blair Drummond's cat
tle, and has four sons under age - This finishes
the genealogy of "Sliochd Glen - gaolric though>
the cultivation of the moss is a real bondage, yet
voluntary, however old Blair Drummond makes
it as easy as possible, and is quite different from
his son who is as smooth as sweet oil; and would
make everything a crime. He is indeed very
like unto Squire Bramble in Humphrey Clinker
or Allworthy in Tom Jones. The old man is, really,
in my opinion as good a character as can be

Branch tenth - a natural branch from
one of the Glen Buckies who had the twelve
sons - There was one Robt Stewart, tenant in
Blairchoill, Loch Catharineside, Burrel Drum
mond's in Callander Parish, who had three sons.
Robert the oldest was late Tacksman of Leanachan
in the Lordship on Monteith, Port Parish, and of
Blar-crick and Drumlich-uarach, in the Braes
of Balquidder and Strathgarrie - and Drum
lick-uarach belongs to the E of Moray, and
was formerly the property of McGregor of Glen-
carnaig - This Robt had a son, named Alex
ander, late Tacksman of ?Lean-a-choill, who
had seven sons, all dead except two -
Robt, late tacksman of Lean-a-choile dead
David died in the W Indies. John, in life,

a writer in Glasw - Alexander a Lieutenant
in the Army died in the E Indies - James
died in the W Indies - Walter died at home
John the writer, was first the hope, and
afterwards the ruin of the family - he is indeed
a shameful profligate rascal, although a
decent gentlemanlike looking man - Chas
his brother is little better, and they now possess
nothing of their former property - neither land nor
Rob in Blairchoill, had a second son named
Walter, formerly tenant in Ardvurlich who
left one son, now tenant in Offerings, part
of the Barony of Lanrick, Callander parish,
formerly the property of Burrel Drummond, but
now that of Sir Patk Murray - who is an in
dustrious well-doing farmer and who had
five sons - Walter a shepherd with Mac
Farlan of Coille-chra, who has one son - Rob
ert, has emigrated to N America and has
one son - John & David reside at home
with the father - Robt died last year -
This farm of Offerings pay 120 sterg - too
dear - The late Mr Rob Reid, Factor
to Ld Breadalbane, left the marks of his
finger here as the Devil did of old on the
Temple. These land surveyors are commonly
the scourge and grinders of the poor and they
are no better who employ them - I cannot
make any comparison to them with anything
that I have read in history except the
Mine searchers in Mexico and Peru

The third son, was John of this family, farmer
in Cuil-an-Arigh, who left two sons, who were
both tenants in the above farm, Callander
parish, the Earl of Morays, in which farm
formerly were eight tenants chiefly of the name
of Stewart - and now there is only one tenant
who has also another adjoining farm - One
of his sons was Aler who died a Cow-feeder in
Glasgow and left four sons - The other John
now farmer in Spittle, Killearn parish and
Stirling county, the birth place of the famous
George Buchanan - which pays 100 of
rent - This John has five sons about himself
all doing well - two of these has family, con
sisting of four or five sons each
The above mentioned Robt of Bran-choile
had another son, who I forgot - who went
to Coventry in England - whose son was Sheriff
of that county and some of his descendants are
still there, men of property and respectability
This finishes the genealogy of the family of Glen
Buckie, who were the most friendly and Clani
sh of all the Stewarts of that, or any other coun
try, although some of them were accused
of treachery and perhaps did not fulfill al
ways their pretentions, they were however
the first in any immergency and far ex-
ceeded the houses of Ardvourlich (in points of courage) & Gartnafuar
-an, I acknowledge I am partial to the
family of Glenbucky for they certainly still
retain a great share of the ancient friendship
and manliness of the Clans

This last mentioned Parish of Killearn in Stirling
shire was possessed in ancient times by a family of
the name of Galbraith - afterwards a family of
Graham of the house of Montrose, and has under-
gone half a dozen changes since - The Galbraith
family was a branch of the ancient family of (Lord)
Baldernoch, chief of that name, and was the most
numerous and respectable family (excepting that of Lennox) in Stirlingshire in
former times, although neglected by the gentleman who
wrote the history of that County - There ere such
a number of families, both gentlemen and commoners,
of that name in this county, that would be tedious
to mention - who are all now extinct excepting the
family of Balgair, which also may be said to be extinct
being claimed lately by a person from Ireland
who is not known whether he is the real heir or not.
however he has made out his point - I am now about
to proceed to the family of Gart-na-fuara the third
family of the Stewarts of the South who claim being
descended of the oldest of the three sons; although they
are the last, I think they ought to be the second
at least - In general, they are something like to
the family of Ardvourlich, not altogether valient
as the Glen-bucky family but more of a Low country
nature. The only distinguished character known
to me of this family was one "Walter-du-mor" who
with his two sons was killed at the battle of Kilsyth
- some say however that they were killed at the
battle of "Bodle brig" which was certainly not the case
The real representative of that family at present
is a young man (Walter) a clerk in London, grand-
son to the late Walter Stewart who disposed of
the lands of Gartnafuara - The present repre
sentative's father was Alexr who lived in a decent
respectable manner from a fortune, or small income,
which he had by his wife - He resided at
at a place called Torrie near Callendar

Walter has also another brother in W Indies,
named Alexander, who is said to be doing well
There is also another Brother of the real family
and is nearest to the above mentioned Walter, a
tenant in Glen-finlas, one of the eight tenants
of the name of Stewart and pays a rent of one
hundred guineas. This person is rather a silly in
dolent man, and, however, has some abilities but
cannot make any use of them either for him
self or family - is married to a very genteel wom
an from Aberdeenshire - has three sons under
age -
Second Branch commonly called
"Stuiartich a-Bhaid" In ancient times the>
oldest branch of the family of Gartnafuara was
Ground Officer to the E of Moray in the district
of Doune. There was one Andr Stewart, tenant
in Cuil-n-togle who left two sons William
and John - William is ground Officer to the E
of Moray in the town of Doune - has one son in
a very respectable affluent way in the West Indies
John is a tenant in ?Enapach near Callander part of Burrel
Drummond's estate . who had four sons; only
two are alive, one Robt the oldest, in good
circumstances is a Spirit dealer in Glasgow
and Alexr who went to the E Indies some
years ago & is in a prosperous way there -
This spirit dealing business is a mystical one to
me, I much doubt that they are a good deal
indebted to Arnswell in Glasgw with vitrol
and other combustibles which are unknown to
me - This Rob would at one time, have been
glad of a Kiltful of potatoes or porridge al
though he now affects all the splendour at his
table that would serve a Lord's son - He is a
man of some abilities if he were moderate
in his manner, was sometime a traveller

to a house in Glasgow and had all the ass
urance of a highwayman's horse, and might
pass for Capt Plume or Sergt Kitt in the
"Recruiting Officer" Though I have marked>
him out there is many of his sort in Glasgow
in that line - He is said to be worth 9 or
10.000 - has three sons under age - James
mor Stewart formerly tenant, Grodich Glenfinlas
removed thence to Monavrechie Port parish, Men
teith, a famous hardy soldier, who left three
sons viz, Alexr cottar to the present Alex Stewart
Tacksman of Leanchoille, Port Parish, who has no
family - Jas his brother a founder in Glasw
has three sons - Walter a tailor in Glasw
who has two sons under age - This finishes the
account of "Stuartich a'Bhaid" as they are called
Branch third - or what is called "Sliochd Rob
Dhuibh mhoir" - who was a son of Gartnafuara
tenant of Wester Ardchubry, Balquidder Par
ish in Strathyre district of Auchlessy, whose
descendant was Rob McDonachie, lately one
of the four tenants of Ardcheanacnocan who
left four sons, viz: Duncan, tacksman of Letter &
Brainchoill, Loch Catherineside, Callendar parish
who has three sons - Robt, a Clerk in London
James a student of Divinity and a young boy
under age - This Duncan Stewart is possessed
of some unprincipled abilities; he is tacksman
of Brainchoill where there was once a hospi
table reception for persons of every description
with every mark of kindly hospitality by the
late worthy family of Glenbucky and where
there is now neither house nor hall - David
Stewart, his brother a Land-surveyor and factor
in England, has one son, a character who

is proof against all disappointments and ad
versities - Robert his brother is a steady
respectable man and a Clerk in the bank of
England and has no family - James his
brother tacksman of Ard-chean-cnocan has
one son - This man has an opportunity to gain
friends and money but I am afraid he is too
much addicted to his cups - This finishes the
account of "Sliochd Rob Dhuibh-mhoir">
Ard-chean-cnocan, belongs to Burrel Drum
mond and pay of rent 100 guineas - Brain
choill and Letter pay 200 guineas - Duncan Stew
art has also another farm in Glen-elg which pays
Branch fourth "Sliochd sheun Rob is Alas
tair oig" two brothers. About three generations
ago they came from Wester Invernenty in Balqui
dder formerly the property of the family of Gart-
nafuare, afterwards that of Glen bucky & Brain
choil and now the property of the heirs of the late
Red Duncan Stewart Minr of Balquidder. The
descendants of Sean Rob Robert tenant
in Duart Glenfinlas, one of the eight tenants
of the name of Stewart in that place & pays
rent of one hundred guineas who left four sons
Thos emigrated some time ago to N Ameri
ca & had a large family - Alan in the W
Indies, doing well - John possesses the farm
which his father had, and active, well-doing
young man - & Robert a cattle-dealer in
Glenfinlass - both last unmarried - Robert
Stewart, formerly tenant of Auchin aird, Glenfinlas
again of Coillechat near Doune, Auchessy's prop
erty, and formerly belonged to the ancient fam
ily of Musket, cousin to the former Robt, left
three sons, two in the W Indies, and the third
schoolmaster at Bannockburn near Stirling -

There was another cousin of his, a Duncan Stewart who
resided at Balfron, Stirlingshire as a cotton spinner, and
who formerly lived at Baile-choalish, Appin, Argyleshire
left two sons, the one a shoemaker, the other a tailor, who
have both families - two sons each under age who now lives in Balfron John
Stewart, late innkeeper E Bridge of Turk Earl of Moray property,
Callander parish foot of Glenfinlas formerly a soldier
and pensioner, left two sons, viz James innkeeper Callendar who
has one son - and Alexr crofter, under McFarlane of Coille
chra Callendar parish and on Loch Catherineside who has also
one son - James brother to "Sean Rob" came to Glenfinlas>
about three generations back and became Tacksman of
Grodich at Glenfinlas - his grandson Alexr Stewart ten
ant in Grodich left three sons - Charles tenant of Gar
kechnie, Erskine of Cardross's estate, Port Parish, Perth
county pay 40 of rent, who has four sons, two grown
up to men, the one with himself and the other in the
way of service - two remaining under age - Jas second
son of Alexr and brother to Charles, tacksman of Crochavie
Aberfoil parish, & Lordship of Mentieth! Duke of Montrose's
property! pays 130 of rent!!! - who left five sons viz
Alexr who died last year, one of my most familiar ac
quaintances on earth, and a very great favourite, a clever
active man and a good scholar - Charles the present tacks
man of Crochavie, a person who might well pass in the
Golden Age! ? ? If all men were of his disp
osition there would be no occasion for many of abilities
either in the cabinet or in the field - the lamb might
eat with the wolf &c - I intend to spend the remainder of
my life with him so being that he marries a woman
of a similar disposition to himself - Duncan, master
Gardner with Mr Peel MP South Wales, He also
superintends the farming and is a very clever active
man, few may be said to exell him, he is unmarried.
Robt and John of a second marriage live with their
brother Charles - I have been acquainted with their
father and grandfather for the period of thirty five
years - Duncan brother to Jas Stewart tenant of Crochavie
was tacksman of Lochend Perth County, Port Parish, Erskine of
Cardross, a respectable farmer, his three sons under age 120 rent

Alexander Stewart that was in Grodich, had a brother
who was tenant in Auchinaird Glenfinlas, who left
a son called Robert, late resident in Gartmore - This
Robt left four sons viz one a printer in Campsie
who has a family of three sons under age - another a
printer at Bonhill Dunbartonsh who has a family of
two sons - another at the Shaws near Glasgow - and another
who is a soldier serving in Ireland and has a large
family - this finishes the genealogy of this branch
Branch fifth commonly called the Stewarts of Glen-ogle
or Cloich-glas, near Loch-earn-head or Hyndfield, all in
parish of Balquidder - Glen-ogle belongs to Lord Braid
-alban, and Cloich-glas also - Hyndfield is the property of
Capt Stewart, Glen-bucky - David Stewart late of Glen-bucky
was son of John Stewart of Craig-grui and Easter Monachail
in the Parish of Balquidder - Craig-grui underwent sev
eral changes and belongs at present to a Mr Don McDonald
a great tacksman from Glen-lyon and Monachail
belongs to the heiress of the late Barron McNab. This
David of Craig-grui married the heiress of Glenbucky, Capt
Stewart's sister by whom he had two sons John the late
laird of Glen-bucky and Alexr - John was cruelly disposs
essed by his uncle and left two sons, John and Alexr, young
men presently at Callander. The
youngest I was recommending to yourself - they are both
talking of going to the W Indies - Alexr, a spirit dealer
in Edinr has two sons under age - James Stewart
Tacksman of Stank & Leaniuch in Glen-bucky & a fourth
part of Glenfinlas was a cousin of the above David's father
left one son James, Younger of Stank, which place for
merly belonged to Buchanan of Auchlessy, afterwards to
the late laird of McNab, and since sold to a gentleman
in Glasgow - is in the Parish of Callendar - Jas younger
of Stank had five sons viz - James who died in the W
Indies - Bryce who died in the E Indies and Walter
a surgeon, a decent clever man died there also - John
Minr of Blair in Athol - Robert in the W Indies in
the way of making a fortune - Alexr died at home
This old James of Stank was once a travelling merch
ant, and was the cleverest and most active of his

own name or any other in that country and left many good
leases with a good deal of money which were very ill
managed by Ardvurlich and some other tutors. Mr
Stewart of Blair had his part of Glenfinlas since his
settlement in Athol. Jas Stewart, Tacksman of
Auchnan Dave in Strathyre Balquidder Parish
Buchanan of Auchlessys property, formerly that of
Arnprior - left three sons - viz Dugal a Labour
ing man in Stirling - Walter Schoolmr; Temple
S from Edinr - Caleb tenant of Inver-a-riach,
Strathyre, Buchanan of Auchlessys property has two
sons with himself viz Jas & John, pays 75 of rent
James Stewart late tenant of Inverlochlarig-mor in
Balquidder, formerly property of McGregor of Glencar
naig now that of the E of Moray left two sons viz
Alexr surgeon at Bo-ness in a respectable way &
who has a large family - & David a respectable
Dancing master in Stirling who has one son - Duncan Stewart
late tenant of Auchatoo, Balquidder parish, Sir J
McG-Murray's property left three sons viz James
a stocking manufacturer in Glasgow who has three sons
a good character - Patrick a writer in Glasgow, a
middling character - Duncan a Clark to the Iron Com
pany at Muirkirk, all their children under age.
Robert Stewart late tenant of Auchatoo, left a son James
farmer, Gartfarran, Drymen Parish Stirling county who has four sons
thrifty with himself and work as undertaker of roads &
John Stewart crofter soldiers' land near Callendar
Burrel Drummonds' has two sons - one of them a wright
near Callendar another a waiter in Edinr - James
Stewart, late tenant Rusgachan, Strathyre, Buch
anan's (of Auchlessy) property left three sons - one in N
America - another in the W Indies, well doing
and the third a spirit dealer in Edinr. Patrick
Stewart Burn-a-campsy, near Doune Lodge, Doune Par
ish, has two sons, the one a tailor and the other a shoe
maker - Donald Stewart late crofter Auch a-raw

near Loch-earn-head Balquidder Parish, Ld
Braidalban's property, left five sons - Jas
Schoolmr Lochearnhead - John is a crofter near the same
place has six sons under age - Duncan a crofter near Thorn
-hill Kincardine Parish, Perth county has three sons
Peter a carter in Glasgow who has two sons - all this
family are industrious and careful - This finishes
the Stewarts of Geln-ogle and Clachglas
Branch Sixth or what is called the Stewarts
of Coille mhori, Buchanan parish, Stirlingshire Loch-Lomondside
to whom belonged three farms now the property of the
D of Montrose. viz Blair eagen and Claischoil
both in the parish of Aberfoil, Lordship of Menteith
& D of Montrose's property - with Coille mhoir and two
other farms which they had free - John Stewart
late tacksman of Crochavie Aberfoil parish, had four
sons still in life viz Alexr a wealthy cotton manu
facturer in Glasgow has no sons - Robt his brother a Clerk to
the company Bridge of Johnston, Renfrewshire has four
sons - James Mercht Cronstad Russia who
has four or five sons, two of which are boarded at
Callendar at their education there - John a cattle
dealer who resides with his father a cottar in Croch
avie - and has a farm in Glen-elig for which he
pays 150 yearly rent - Alexr Stewart late
spirit dealer in Glasgow left two sons - Henry
a clerk in Glasgow the cleverest that we mentioned
yet, if he had the balance wheel about him -
David in the Army - Jas Stewart formerly
a watchmaker in Glasgow who now lives in
a private way upon his money which he acquired
by his wife amounting to between 15 and 20 thousand
pounds - he was more fortunate than active -

James Stewart Shoemaker village of Drymen Stirling
shire has five sons under age - a clever active man
Andw Stewart late weaver and crofter Craigoughty near
the Kirkton of Aberfoil who left Andw - a weaver in
the same place and unmarried - James Stuart,
Miller, Cubail-Larach, Drymen parish has five
sons the stoutest and most able man in that country
one of them Jas an innkeeper in Gartmore - Charles
Stewart late saddler in Buchlyvie- a respectable man
and at one time in good circumstances who
left two sons - Chas a clerk in a Tan work in Edinr
and John who carries on the business with Mrs S his
mother and keeps a public house - Both unmarried -
John an innkeeper in Dunbarton who has a fam
ily of three sons and daughters - Robt Stewart late
tenant in Ardvurlich, left one son, James a bleacher
in a field near Denny Dunipace Stirlingshire
who has four sons under age - This finishes the Coille
more family
Branch seventh or what is called the Port-an-ealan
Stewarts, a farm near Callendar on Loch Vennacher
side, formerly the property of the family of Perth. now
that of the E of Moray and held in tack by Stewart
of Annat when belonging to the family of Perth -
John Stewart late tenant there left four sons, John
his successor pays 40 of rent...James a Gardner in
N America ... George a gardener in Northam
pton in England ... Donald parochial School
master in Doune and Student of Divinity
Donald brother to John also tenant in the above place
left four sons ... John his successor.- Jas and George
Gardeners in England, all unmarried, Rent 40
George their uncle a Shoemr in Callendar has one
son unmarried - This finishes the Stewarts of
Port an Ealan - all well-doing and thrifty

Branch eight commonly called "Stuirtaich Chireu">
from their ruddy complexion, These in general are not
of the first rate however they can take care of themselves
James Stewart tenant in Bracklin Callendar E of Morays
property, the best farm in the farthest east of the parish
has seven sons - John resides with himself - James
a Minsr who got a parish from the E of Moray in the
North (that of Alloa) the first Stewarts that ever had a
presentation from that family..Archd tacksman of
?Drim-losgt, Doune parish rent 120 E of Morays property - Jas School
master of Aberfoil - two of them at their education
intended for the learned professions and the other under
age - Alexr Stewart his brother, tenant in
Bracklin has three sons under age - Both these are
in good circumstances - Bracklin formerly was rent
ed by twelve tenants - at present it pays 150 and is
well worth 350 - will keep about 60 milk cows
one half of this farm formerly belonged to the ancient
and respectable family of the Dows of Ardnahaw of
whom no person in that country knows any thing
of - this farm is now in the policy of Stirling of Keir
John Stewart tenant in the lots of Greenock in
the ancient Barony of Callendar, formerly belonged
to the family of Perth now to a gentleman from
Edinr of the name of Hunter - has four sons two
with himself and two in the W Indies, the one of which
made a fortune there - this barony of Callendar
anciently belonged to the Livingston E of Callendar
before it fell into the hands of the family of Perth -
The Livingstons were obliged to leave that country for
some injustice done to a man that was hanged in
that place - They left voluntarly when they heard
of the injustice of his treatment
James Stewart their cousin, tenant in Wester Torrie
Port parish, one Buchanan proprietor, has four sons
two with himself and two in the W Indies - Dond
his brother who was tenant in the same farm left
four sons, two of them with his mother, one in the
W Indies and one a wright in Stirling. Robert
another of these brothers in the W Indies, in aff

affluent circumstances and married with a large
family - Patrick is in Glen gartan in Arasaig
mor a farm for which he pays 300 or 400 a
year from Clan Ronald and has four sons -
This finishes the "Stuirtich Chiren" and the>
Gartnafuaran family commonly called "Sliochd
an tigh mhoil" Their property in Balquidder
was the farms of Gartnafuaran, Cean na coille,
and Stron slan and Dail riach in Glen Bucky
- Glen-du in Glen-bucky was their sheiling or
grazing place - Gartnafuaran and Stron-slan
with Cean a choille and Dial riach were sold
to a McLeod from Skye, and now the property
of John McG-Murray - Sir J McG Murray
sold Glen Mor to Capt Stewart of Glen bucky at the rate
of 4000 double the value - It is said that
the Stewarts of Gartnafuaran had Wester Inver
-nenty before it became the property of the family
of Glen bucky and they were once laying claim
to the barony of Strathgartan on Loch Catherine
side - Ardvurlich knows these particulars better
than any person in life -
Concerning the family of Ardvurlich I have been told
that they had some claim to the present property of
Blair Drummond which I cannot believe as it
was a part of the lands they got by marriage to the
heiress of Stobhall together with the barony of Ochter
ardoch - but they had Duchlage in Roseneath which
is mentioned in Duncan Stewart's history with other
lands in Strathern known best to Mr Stewart him
self and which I cannot pretend to certify.
I forgot to mention another family which
lays claim to the above family. in the
Barony of Drymen in Drymen Parish
Stirling County and the Duke of Mon
trose's property - There was one
John Stewart, Tenant of ?Tuar, pays

pays 57 of rent, a rich, bein, batch
-elor. There was a William Stewart an un
cle of his, who was a tenant near Gartmore
who had six or seven sons all scattered over
the country.
I forgot to mention to you that Charles Stew
art, Saddler in Buchlive had a brother
called Duncan Stewart, Tenant of Paddock-ha'
in Erskine of Cardross estate, Port Parish
whose wife is a widow in the Parish of
Gargonock, and has six or seven sons, some
of them come to manhood, and some under
age, all doing well, and scattered in service
over the country.
This Barony of Drymen formerly belonged
to the family of the E of Lennox and after
the fatal death of James III near Stir
ling by his rebellious subjects, the Earl
of Lennox, to revenge the death of his sov
ereign raised a great Army and was
carelessly encamped near Thornhill, being
attacked in the night time by Lord Drum
mond, was defeated and his followers dis
persed and who in recompense was rewarded
with the Barony, which he called Drymen
after his maIn title, which he possessed nearly
about 160 years when he sold the same to the E
of Mentieth which fell into the family of Mon
trose by the death of the last nobleman of
that house
There is now nearly two years since I com-
menced this account of the different families
of Stewart, which I began with much
reluctance, and which I would not have
done for any person in the country excepting
yourself - although I would like very well
if I were capable, to write the History of the
Stewarts as well as many other names.
But you know there is a kind Highland
fret by which people do not wish to see

their friends numbered or classed together
whether it has arisen from David's num
bering the Israelites or from some foolish
Romish superstition I do not know; how
ever it is actually the case
The family of Ardvurlich in that country
and other places I imagine should am-
ount to between 250 and 260 persons, old
and young - of the other families I will
make no estimate of their numbers - But
I will mention to you alone, and to no other
what fatality has taken place among them
since I commenced this account, stating their
names in a separate notice, which I assure you
gives me much thought & serious reflection.
If you find any thing wrongly stated here
or what you cannot understand, it will be
corrected by myself, for if I would examine
it a dozen times I would still find some
corrections, and if I live to see you against
winter I will assist in correcting & revising it
This last family which I have mentioned,
there were some characters among them equal
to any of the Stewart both in point of valour,
and quickness of penetration; although I
must own I never saw or heard of any of them
who was capable for the execution of great under
After this I intend to mention in an
other paper something of the Bute family and
other Stewarts in general if you intend to write
anything on that head; and will defer say
ing any more at present of the Stewarts of the
I mentioned in one of the preceeding pages
concerning one Duncan Stewart, Tacksman of
Brainchoil & Letter of the family of Gartna
fuaran, which you will notice in the proper
place, that he was a dangerous character

which truly happened shortly after. I men
tioned likewise in its proper place that Glen
finlas was 800 guineas - 100 guineas to
each of the eight tenants there - this low
fellow that raised himself from the dung hill
by forwardness and villany offered 1200 Guineas
for the Glen altogether with 100 guineas in the
Earl of Moray's will - Now bad as he is, the
Coiff the Earl would not accept of this, and
only advanced the rent of 60 - by this he re
fused fully 400 guineas - but this present
Earl, is acting by the injunctions of his father
who directed him not to harass these tenants,
for he is not in himself really bad, if Lady
Moray and other bad councillors would not in
fluence him.
This Duncan Stewart, it cannot be denied, is
a clever fellow, were he to make good use of
his abilities - it was not out of mere spite &
malice he did this to his neighbours, who
were tenants the time he was a cottaR - His
offers, however, rejected here with disdain
and so might every one of his kind.

Colonel Stewart 74
Sir, I finished the Stewarts of the South the best
I could with all the different branches
of the three Branches I now proceed to other branches
that belongs not to them. Sir you may depend upon
it that it is not to every one that I wanted to take the
trouble or trouble other men for it
Branch first
There was one Duncan McCallain of the family of
Invernahavil commonly called Sliochd Dhavil
na Noard in Appin of Stewart that came to Glen fin
glas in the way of a Shepherd or Driver with one of the
family of Glenbuckie and married there and had
three sons and some daughters
first Alexander, Duncan & Donald
Alexanders Grand Child Duncan now a Gentleman
Tacksman of Glengaoil Callander parish rent 550
hath four sons all minors
Alexander Stewart a Brothers son of Duncan in
the Tack with himself unmarried
Duncan Stewart Tenant Duard Glenfinglas
Call Parish Earl of Moray great grandson to
Duncan the eight part of the tack rent 111.2.6
as there is 60 of advance is put on the whole
140 for another farm in Port parish Perth county
called Duilatur. One son - Buchanan Barrack Master Fort W
Alexander Stewart Shoemaker in Edinr - Grandson of
Donald a Batchelor - this finishes Sliochd
Donach Mhic Callain
Branch 2 There was another Branch of Sliochd Invernahavil
commonly called Sliochd Dhuail Mhic Callin of
the very Branch that Bohalie in Athol was off
Sliochd Dhuail Mhic Callin mhic Donal na nord
they came first from Apin to the Breas of Rannoch
from that to Glenlochay from thence to Glendochard
of whom Allan Stewart cousin to Bohalie came to
be Grand Officer to the Earl of Murray at the Bridge
end of Devon to whom he was a great favourite

Allans father was called Donach Mhac Allan Mhic
Duail was innkeeper in Tighnaluib in Glendochard
and married to a daughter of Invernahavil
they were thought to be the most hardy race of all the
Stewart and stoutest of Appin except Ardshiel
Allan Stewart had two sons he was married to
a Daughter of one Doctor Stewart of the house of Annat
he had only one son by the wife and a natural
son. the son by the wife was a soldier in the foot
Guards and had a family in London
Robert the natural son the Tacksman of Lendrich ?castle Sir
Jn McG-M was one of the most active
men in the country left four sons
1 Haldane died in the East Indies and made a fortune
there and left it - he left two brothers in a great
way there they were I think Duncan & Allan -
there is another the youngest called Colbert with
his mother in Callander of Monteith
Alexander Stewart Brother to Allan that was in Down
Tenant Easter Invernenty Balquidder parish
now the property of Captain Stewart of Glenbuckie
left two sons - one of them James in the state of New York
in America hath a large family
Duncan the youngest Once Tacksman of Invernenty
and a great cattle dealer - was married to a sister
of Duncan Stewart tacksman of Glengoil now
living with her Brother at Glengoil left her three
sons minors - very promising and active like
This is all the Sliochd Dhuil Mhic Callin except Brothers
to Charles a Bhaile I mean Grandchildren
to Thearlach Bhallie Brothers to Niel Stewart
Musician wife in Perth

Mr Duncan Stewart late Minr of Balquidder of Strathgarry
in Athol left three sons
1 Alexander a Capt to the Honble East India Company
3 Robert the youngest a Lieut in the same Corps
the 2 Duncan a surgeon in London
John Stewart Tenant Easter Lots of Greenock
Callander parish a part of the Barrony of Callr
once belonging to the Perth family now the property
of one Mr Hunter from Edinr 30 of rent
Hath four sons
1 Duncan a Flesher & a Publican in Glasgow hath two
2 John a Flesher in Edinr - not married
3 & 4 Arcd & Charles with their father - he says
himself that he is of the family of Invernahavil
in Apin of which I am doubtful. he is a Combach
from Glenlyon
John Stewart wright Callander - says himself
that he is of the family of Ballechan but I think
he is from Breadalbane of the name of Mann hath two sons -
Donald Stewart Wright Lochearnhead left
five sons - who says he was of Druimcharry family
he came from Methven with Auchlyne when he had the estate of
Edinample but
I think he was a MacanDahulic but it is no
matter he was both honest and industrious he resided
at Lochearnhead Balquidder parish Earl of
Breadalbanes estate - five sons
1st Peter a wright Lochearnhead & Lint miller there Rent
20 - hath four sons
1 Donald a wright with his father unmarried
2 John a Shepherd two sons minors
3 Robert a labourer unmarried
Duncan unmarried a Merchant at Lochearnhead

2 Son Robert a Wright in Glasgow hath family
three or four sons minors
3 Duncan Kirkline Flanders Moss - Kincarn parish
Blair Drummond estate - a family of sons minors
4 John there also same place & sons under age
5 Donald there also same place & sons minors -
Robert Stewart a Taylor sometime in Callander
a Balquidder a batchelor he is of the family
of Drumchary, a cousin to John Stewart your
own tenant Blachroich - he is ?aculity
Alexr Stewart Driver Callander three sons minors of the family of
in Athol a Driver to Mr D McGregor ?Inin innkeeper
There was a branch of Stewarts that says they are
of the family of Garntulloch who came to
Strathearn with a Daughter of Garntully that
was married to the Laird of Lawers - But they
know scarcely anything of their own extraction
this was the last Laird of Lawers of the name
of Campbell who was murdered by Barron Edra
mucky in Grenock when he was to be married
to a Grand Aunt of Gen Campbell of Monzie
1st James Stewart Smith in Comrie whose pro
genitors were from there for some generations
Back - left three sons
1 Peter a smith in Comrie a family of sons all minors
3 John a smith in Crieff a family of minors
3 Duncan the youngest a labourer at Crieff
with a family all minors -
Alex Stewart Brother to the above James
is a smith a ?Lawirs to Lord Balgray. one
son a smith and farrier Gone to America a family
of sons minors

They were smiths to the family of Lawirs
for a long time back and very good ferriers
3 John Stewart brother to the above I mentioned
was smith at Muirend near Comrie in the
Estate of Lord Meagens - now the property of
Capt Graham of Airth & Struan that state was
in the hands of many proprietors the first
of them was one of the seventeen sons of Murray
of Tullibarn called Struan Murray - it went to different names -
this John left one son a family of children all
minors he is a smith where his father was
they were industrious well doing people -
there is another branch of that family in Monteith
that says that they are of the family of Garntully
they have been for a long time under the Lairds
of Lendrick of the name of Haldane A respectable
John Stewart Taxman of Portend of Menteith
in the Ldp of Menteith now the Duke of Montrose
and a Laird of Property of One Hundred per
annum and some thousands in cash - one son
It is a Difficult matter for me to give his Chara
cter for at times you would think his friendly
but his chief aim is grasping at money
for the bottom of his mind is self & ?Pelf rent 25
he is a real contrast in nature
He hath a brother Robert a Tenant in the
Estate of Sir John Murray of Lendrick
formerly the Haldanes - called Ruskie
Rent 150 Port Parish

This Robert Stewart hath seven sons, one of
them is in the West Indies in Opulent circumstances
and sending home supplies to his father and
the rest of the family Another son is a Major
and farmer in Gartmore Port Parish hath three
sons - Rent 20 - One son John a tenant in
the Estate of Ramsay of Auchtertyre now Dundas
and a Writer in Edinr - Rent 150 - new married
James a tenant near his father in Sir John Murray
Estate Barrony of Rusgi Port Patrick 120
2 sons - One of them a wright in Stirling
hath two sons One of them a Sadler in Greenock unmarried -
John Stewart a Cousin of theirs a Batchelor in Stirling
in good circumstances - one William Stewart tenant Rose
Bank Blair Drummond Moss Kincardine Parish Rent 50
Peter a brother of his a sadler in the West Indies
James Stewart Maltman & Farmer in Bochlive in the
estate of Graham of Gartmore Kippen parish
Rent 100 three sons - it is not fair to be ?salyring
But the whole of them is a piece save the Sadler in
the West Indies This is the circle of my knowledge
of them but there may be more of them but I think
they are but few
there was one James Stewart in the parish of
Dunblane in the Estate of Sir Alexander Campbell of
Kilbride who says he is of the family of Ballechan
This Kilbride was a part of the ancient Ldp of Monteith
where the second son resided Lord Kilpont who was
assassinated by Major Stewart of Ardvurlich

After the rebellion of Charles the first it was sold by his
father to one Stirling of the family of Keir and then by
him to one Sir John ?Ruven of Dunglass in Berwick
shire where Sir James Hall is at present and he sold
it to the Campbells of Auberuchill the presant prop
rietors who was one of the seven sons of Sir James Campbell of Lawins
and Brother to Sir Mungo Campbell who was
killed at Auldearn their mother was a daughter of ?Cobut of Clish
this place Lawins was once called
Ardle in Strathearn once possessed by one of the name of
Reddoch before the Campbells got by the heiress
Clachaig was a Riddoch & likewise Aberuchill
which these sons got likewise - this Jas Stewart
the tenant whom I mentioned in the Estate of
Kilbride hath several sons of whom I can give not
Account except one of them who is with his father
who is married and hath several sons and
This James hath a brother in Argyleshire near
Bonaw not far from Glenurchay - a Clever active
man and is proud of being of the family of
Balechan he is in the estate of Lochnell a large
farm and rents a Salmon fishing - hath a strong
family of sons and Daughters he is married to a
Archd Stewart a merchant of Stirling hath likewise
a strong family they were for a long time Residenters
on a farm near Down called the Deanston John
Campbell who built the George Inn Perth
was married to one of these women and likewise
his uncle who was Vintner at the foot of the
Highstreet Perth to an aunt of his there are some
more through the country of whom I have no proper account

at present nor can I remember them
Widow Stewart Relic of the late Peter Stewart
Tenant of ?Camchiora Strathalan estate of Kier at Dunblane
Parish this estate formerly belonged to a family
of the name of Chisholm - one of the oldest
families in Perthshire the house which they
had is still standing in Dunblane one of the oldest
houses in Perthshire which is little known to the
people there it was once the property the last
of them was Sir John Chisholm of Cramlic &
Dundurn who was married to a daughter of the
Earl of Monteith who began to build a castle
at Cramlic but did not finish it his only
Daughter married Drummond of Maderty and
by marriage it came to Kinoul
Chisholm had once Ardvurlich I think
before the Stewarts got with much more
in the country which is too teidious to mention
at presant
This widow says her husband was of the family
of Apin of Which I am doubtfull she hath
six sons one of them a Schoolmaster in Inveraray
in a good way. one of them learning to be a Doctor
one a writer and the rest with himself all thrifty
like a beehive Rent 350 - and cheap -
and they are making money - I think this
finishes the whole in the south District of Perth
Excepting a respectable family that here called
the Stewarts of Gachoille where there were numbers
of families all Tenants with many cottars besides
most of whom are all extinct a few excepted of whom
I cannot give at present so particular account as I
otherwise would wish, they resided in the parish
of Balfron in Stirlingshire marching on the
east side and that on the west by Kippen and
Drymen parishes - If I live to see you again
I shall endeavour to be better informed about them
than I at present can Duncan Stewart makes some
mention of them in his Errata of his history of Stewart

[Change of ink, style etc, presumably time lapse]
Since I gave you details of the Stewart of the south
the different branches with their male children in the
following Parishes viz
I begin first with the United Parish of Callander &
Kilmahog begins at the river of Keltie below Callander village
& separates it from Doune and extends in a westerly direction
to the distance of 25 miles and terminates at
the head march of Glengyle which separates it from Buchanan parish
Stirlingshire & Arrochar Parish in
Dumbartonshire & Killin Parish Glenfalloch Perthshire -
Glengyle is a part of the ancient estate of the family
Buchanan before Montrose got it was anciently
possessed as Wadsetters or Gentlemen Tacksmen by a tribe
called Clann Chruitean or Cruikshanks before the
McGregors became possessors of it Grigor Dow of Sliochd
Dhughail Cheir who was the first of
them who came to Balquidder was the son of the
Laird of McGregor Glenurchay and after becoming a
subtenant of Glengyle dispossessed the former
tribe I mean Grigair Du of slioch Dhugail Ceir
was killed at Latha beinn?Toarg at the head of
Glenurchay in the circumstances below - Robert Campbell son of Sir
Campbell of Glenurchay and Grigair Odhar who
was the greatest champion (so far as I can understand)
that ever was of the McGregors this present Laird is
the Eighth in descent from Grigair Dhubh they would
connect with different families that I have no time
to communicate at present such as a daughter of Campbell the Laird of
Glenlyon who was the Mother of Rob Roy
the famous arch robber and his brother who was married
to the daughter of Campbell of Duneaves who was
mother to Grigair glendubh and were getting match
so better when Taxmen than when they became prop

proprietors. The income of the estate of Glengyle
after paying Ministers Stipend (which is very considerable)
and other public burdens does not amount to more
that 200 a year barely but had a tack of the
south side (commonly called Dubh Ghlinne Gaoil) from
the Duke of Montrose which is equal in value to the
rest of the estate it being in Buchanan parish and
was a very Lucrative Tack till the rack Rents came
on it is at present in conjunction with the estate
Lett to a Tenant at 550 but too dear the present
Glengyle resides at a place called easter bridge of
Turk at the foot of Glenfinglass having got it the year
1625 from the Earl of Murray for joining him in an
expedition to the north against the McIntoshes and
have retained it ever since at the yearly rent of 5
but five pounds were imposed on them about 40
years ago making it in all 10 but the place is sup
posed to be worth 70. I think the present Glengyle
has more right to claim the Chieftainship of the
McGregors than Sir John McGregor by his descent
from the laird of McGregor only he cannot be so
useful to the Clan, Glengyle lies in the same
way from Loch Kathrine (only not so far distant
from the Loch) as Dunan is to Loch Rannoch
between the point of Bochastle (where the junction
of the River that comes from Balquhidder with
the river that comes from Loch Kathrine & Loch
Venachar and hence goes under the name of Teath
at Callander is a district of at Least 20 miles which goes under
the name of Trughartan of Strathgartney and
ends as aforesaid at the march of Glengyle

It is supposed to take its name from a daughter
of Grantney Earl of Mar who was married to
Sir John Monteith commonly called the false
Monteith and had only one daughter who married
one of the famous Keith Marshals who had only two
daughters one of them was called Kathrine from whom
Loch Kathrine takes its name who was married to one
of the Predecessors of Lord Lyle who had her share of
Strathgartney and now in the possession of the family of
Perth - And the second daughter who was married
to Erskine one of the predecessors of the family of Mar
her share was what the Earl of Murray possesses
at present. Perth's Lot underwent different changes
after the Lyles it became the possession of Balfour
of Balfour or Burleigh Balfour and then to Sir Dun
Campbell of Glenurchay, then the Lord Erskine
family, and then to the family of Perth who
still retains it. We begin now with the north side
of Loch Kathrine the same as Loch Rannoch or
Tay the south side being the Parish of Aberfoil
and the property of the Duke of Montrose formerly
of Monteith at the east
of which Loch is seen on both sides the Romantic
scenery of the Trossachs. Following is a list of all the
names of the farmers of the name of Stewart in the
Parish of Callander beginning at Glengyle
and taking them by Rotation down to Callander village or the east end
of the Parish

No 1 Mr Duncan Stewart Taxman of Glengyle of the
family of Invernahyle in Appin or Domhul nan
ord a good Character 550
No 2 Mr John Stewart Tacksman of Strone and Ardma
imarin in the Perth property Glenbucky family
a good character 200
No 3 Mr Walter Stewart Tacksman of Edralecich
and Lorachan of the Glenbucky family
a good character 140
No 4 Mr Duncan Stewart Tacksman of Letter
and Brenchoille where the hospitable
and good family of Glenbucky once resided
and is of the Gartnafuaran family
Perth property A dangerous character if much in
his power 200 and in Glenelg 300
since I wrote this first & offering on the
whole of Glenfinglass 300 more
No 5 Mr James Stewart his brother in Ardkenknocan
in Trossachs A better character & sober ?700
Perth property having seen four tenants Stewarts in that place
This finishes this part of the Perth estate
No 6 Mr John Stewart wester Bridge of Turk of the family
of Glenbucky a real Highlander of the good old char
acter and in the Earl of Murrays property 10
one of the eight Sharers of Glenfinglass
No 7 John Stewart Grodich in Glenfinglass of the
Annat and Ardvorlich family 105
same property where I have seen four tenants of the
name of Stewart. A respectable character

No 8 Mr Walter Stewart Auchnahard Glenfinglass of the first
Branch of Gartnamfuaran family but very
? them an indifferent Character to be so
near the head of a family 105 Earl of Murrays property -
unjustly turned out since this was wrote
No 9 Mr Duncan Stewart Auchnahard Do of the Annat
and Ardvorlich family. A worldly character -
turned out to be so in reality since having turned
out Walter Stewart - 105 Murray property
No 10 Mr Robert Stewart Achnard Do of the same
family and the same character 105
No 11 Mr Alex Stewart Do married to D Stewart Auchs sister
of the same family and but for a spark in his throat
which cannot be quenched the most sensible
of the whole 105
No 12 Mr John Stewart Duart Glenfinglas of
the Gartnafuaran family and unexceptionable
Character and a well informed Scholar of a Tenant 105
No 13 Mr Duncan Stewart Do - Do of the Inver
nahyle family or Domhnul nan ord. A second
cousin to the Glengyle tenant 105
Keen, Shrewd, Sly and sensible
This finishes the Glenfinglass tenants
but they have farms elsewhere
No 14 Mr John Stewart tenant Offrance of the
Glenbucky family (with the mark of Robert Reid)
A keen, industrious honest man 120
Sir Patrick Murray's estate

No 15 Mr Donald Stewart Tenant of Lanrick and
Duncraggan of the family of Annat and Ardvorlich
with the mark of Robert Reid
a respectable character 330 Sir Patrick Murrays Estate
No 16 Mr John Stewart Milton & Blairgarvie son of Robert Stewart in
Auchnahard of the family of Annat and
Ardvorlich a decent Character 255
where I have seen Eight tenants
Earl of Murrays property
No 17 Mr John Stewart Tenant of Cuilanteogle and
Taranduin Son of Duncan Stewart Auchnahard of
the Ardvorlich and Annat family
a keen worldly character - sell of late - 220
I saw four Tenants all Stewarts in the above
the Earl of Murray's property
No 18 Mr John Stewart Tenant Coirechrombie
of the Glenbucky family
a Clannish friendly and respectable character
Earl of Murrays property 75
No 19 Mr John Stewart Tenant ?Crainpark near Callander
a hogger mogger character but an industrious
well meaning man of the Gartnafuaran family
Perth property 40
(Mr Peter Stewart Blurranich near Callander Burrel's estate 10)
No 20 Mr James Stewart Tenant Easter Bracklend
of the Gartnafuaran family aver indifferent
Character Cheap rent 75
Earl of Murray property Callander parish

No 21 Mr Alexr Stewart his Brother same farm
a rather better Character 75
No 22 Mr John Stewart Bogton south from Callr
a brother to the above
a rather better character 50
formerly Perth estate now Hunter from Edinr
an army contractor it will soon be in
the market again (Mr Robertson that is to be
married upon Col Stewart Fincastle's daughter is repor
ted to intend being purchaser of it
this finishes the Callander District of the family of
Stewart where I have seen 36 tenants
and there is not the 1/4 of the population in
these places but do believe the Lots near Callr
and the village now makes up the deficiency
though not in such circumstances as when possessed of
Beginning at the east end
No 1 Mr James Stewart Laggan of Strathyre of the
Ardvorlich family a respectable and friendly
Character and a good manager 240 lately sell
Buchanan of Auchleskie property
No 2 Mr John Stewart ?Thip?Kip Strathyre of the
Ardvorlich family and having got an addition
to his farm since I wrote you before
an industrious sober well doing man 75
Buchanan of Auchleskie
No 3 Mr Duncan Stewart Ruinacraig ?Strath
of the Ardvorlich family an easy sluggish
character 155
Buch Do property

No 4 Mr James Stewart Immerioch Strathyre of
the family of Glenbucky an indifferent character
Buch of Achl 70
No 5 Caleb Stewart Innervulin Strathyre of
the Gartnafuaran family an industrious
good man 70
Buch of Achl under the same ?
No 6 Mr John Stewart Wester Dalveich of the Ardvorlich
family an industrious man 40
Breadalbane estate
No 7 Mr David Stewart Crofter Auchray of
the Glenbucky family and Mr Reid's mark
an innocent friendly char 8
No 8 Mr Peter Stewart wright crofter Glenogle who says
himself that he is of the Drumawharry family
but I rather think he is of the Mac an du ?shulich
family only you will know yourself soon
a little touch of Mr Reid's finger 20
an industrious character Breadalbane's estate
No 9 Mr John Stewart weaver crofter near Loch
earnhead of the Gartnafuaran family
and industrious char 10
Campbell of Edinchip's property
No 10 Mr John Stewart Tenant Gartnafuaran
of the Ardvorlich family
and industrious char 70
Sir John McG-Murray's property

No 11 Mr James Stewart Tenant Stronvar
of the Ardvorlich family
an industrious clannish char 60
Capt Stewart Glenbucky's property
No 12 Mr Donald Stewart Tenant Lianach
of the Glenbuckie family, he took the place
that the late Glenbucky had from him who
was his old and good Master & I believe the
Best landlord in Perthshire you may
therefore judge what his character was 166
C Stewarts Do estate
No 13 Mr John Stewart his Brother tenant in
same place same family & character
Same estate
No 14 Mr Duncan Stewart tenant Kirktown of
Balquhidder - his cousin of the same
family A careful Coof
Sir McG Murray's property 240
No 15 Mr John & James Stewart Tenant in
Tullich & two Brothers of the Ardvorlich
No 16 family - of the flint char & Nature
to dear 160
Sir John McG's property I have seen Double the number of tenants
This ends Balquhidder parish
Missed in the Parish of Callander the two
farms of Portnellan Loch Venacher side
between Cuilanteagle & Miltown
No 23 or 24 Where Two John Stewarts cousins, Tenants
of Portnellan of the Gartnafuaran family
at least they say so
Industrious men & pay each 42
The Earl of Murray's property formerly Perth

No 1 Mr James Stewart Tacksman of Mon
vrechy of the Ardvorlich family
a decent respectable & honourable character
but has kept all his activity to himself except one
natural son 250 Duke of Montrose's property
No 2 Mr Alexr Stewart his son tenant
in Auchyle of the same family
Very inferior to his father in point activity
and prudence & a sottish Coof 60
Duke of Montrose's property
No 3 Mr Alexr Stewart Tenant Lenachoille
more of the Glenbucky family a clever
active man but a little tinged with
family pride and pretended old Loyalty
Duke of Montrose's property 120
No 4 Mr Dun Stewart tenant Lochend of
Monteith of Gartnafuaran family
and honest industrious Char 120
Erskine of Cardross property
No 5 Mr Charles Stewart Tenant ?Gartkahney
same family inferior to his bro
ther in point of Char 40
same property
No 6 Mr John Stewart Wester Torry he says
himself of the Appin but of the Combacks
of Glenlyon
an industrious man with a good
deal of pride if he could afford it 20
Buchanan of Torry Estate of the family of Auchles

No 7 Mr John Stewart Tenant in Torry of
the Gartnafuaro family a young well
doing man 60
Same property
No 8 Mr James Stewart his Cousin Tenant
in same place and of the same family
an industrious young man 60
same property - There was an active
distinguished character of that family who signalised
himself with the Marquis of Montrose in behalf of
the unparalleled Charles 1st his name was Archd
Ruadh Torry of the Auchleshie or Bochastel
No 9 John Stewart esq Tacksman
of Portend of Monteith near the Island
when the ancient family of the Graham
Earl of Monteith resided
the Duke of Montrose property 330
he says himself he is of the family of
Grantully but very unlike them in point
of valour for they were famous soldiers he
has a good deal of hospitality if you do
not want money pretends to Clannishness
but believes the Bottom of that passion to be
founded in a desire of having a good fat cow
in the Latter end of harvest and a lean cow in
spring for the market & wintering has about 150
a year and values himself much upon his wisdom
and money

No 10 Mr Robert Stewart his brother tenant
in Ruskick Pretends a good deal to bigot
religion without much knowledge 290
Sir John Macgregor Murrays property
and of the ancient estate of Haldane of
Lanrick respectable & good hearted people
No 11 Mr John Stewart his Son Nether Rusky
something of the carse clay kind
same property 100
No 12 Mr John Stewart Tenant & Ward of ?goode
of the Ardvorlich family
a careful industrious char 150
Erskine of Cardross property
which finishes this parish
No 13 Mr James Stewart Vintner Gartmore
of the Gartnafuaran family 20
But is going at Whitsunday to Buchanan
to an excellent situation where he will be
both Vintner and miller at the same time
a stout valiant young man but of the
low country cast
No 14 Mr Andrew Stewart miller of Cabeal Carach
Mill one of the chief rendezvous's of Rob Roy
McGregor an industrious character 50
- Drymen Parish -
No 15 Mr John Stewart Shoemaker & Tenant Drymen
of the Gartnafuaran family a stout able valiant
& friendly 20
No 16 Mr John Stewart Tenant Tuair
Drymen parish Careful low country
character 50

parish of Kincardine in Perthshire
lies on the south side of the River Teath between
Doune & Stirling and terminates in the west by the parish of Port,
the south west by Kippen and
Doune Parish, The most of this parish was anciently
by the family of Perth a part of the ancient estate
which they got by the Heiress of Stobhaugh &
Cargill, the first of the Drummonds of Blair
Drummond was laird of Blair-gowrie in the north
district of Perthshire his mother was a daughter
of the Earl of Murray but I do not see in
Duncan Stewart's History or any of the Peerage
his grandmother was sister of the admirable
Crighton laird of Clunie & Nevelig, besides
other excellent Marriages before they came to the
south that my present time
cannot allow me to enumerate. He came to the
South to be a factor to the Earl of Perth, his chief
and sold the Blair Gowrie estate I think to the
family of the Grahams of Balgowan and purchased
the estate of Strathgartney from the Erskine of
Marr or Lord Cardross family which I formerly
forgot and made an excambo with his chief
and master about the Kincardine estate or
Eight pound Land and named it from his
former estate from being Blair Gowrie to that
of Blair Drummond, One of the finest inland
places in Scotland, the House was built &
the plantings planted in the year 1715 he
lived before that in another part of his estate
purchased from the family of Napier of ?Bochaple, The
last of the Drummonds before the present Home
who was this man's uncle was called the
King of Monteith from his high Carriage &
lofty Deportment

I have recollected some of more the marriages of that
family such as a Daughter of Sir John Heron
of Glassclune and Lethendy, A daughter of
Graham Bishop of Orkney of the family of
Balgowan, also a Daughter of Abercrombie of
Abercrombie In Fife and a Daughter of Arbuth
not of Arbuthnot who are all extinct now except
the Earl of Murray and Arbuthnot family
which shews the vanity of human affair
Following is a list of all the Tenants of the
name of Stewart in the Parish of Kincardine

No 1 John Stewart of Easter & Wester West
wood of the Ardvorlich family a real low cou
ntry man but pretends to some clanship
Blair Drummond Estate 350
2 John Stewart Tenant of Easter Ochtertyre
of the family of Grantully as he says himself
A real Carse Clay this property once belonged
to Mr Ramsay of Ochtertyre but is now the
possession of Mr Dundas W.S. who has an exten
sive Business the above Ramsay is said to be
a branch of the Ramsays of Banff and has
been in that country for several generations
the last was an old Bachelor who pretended
to be an Antiquarian & genealogist, but be
live him to be but a superficial one his pride
keeping him from making proper enquires
he has left several manuscripts which are
scarcely worth reading - We now proceed
to what they call Moss lairds who may
be reckoned Slaves only voluntary ones
but lives in a sober and industrious manner

Their possessions in general run from six to seven
Acres of clear ground some more and some less
worth between 2-10 and 3 per acre (there were 3-19 year tacks at ?)
No 3 Alexr Stewart mason Summerline
Flander's Moss of the Ardvorlich family Sober
4 David Stewart Taylor Do of the same
family Sober and Industrious
5 Robert Stewart same place
of the Glenbuckie family an industrious man
6 John Stewart Do Do of the same
family what you call a real hidden treasure
condemned I may say to real slavery
though voluntary and has not left his
match in Balquhidder for honesty & integrity
and I cannot but think it a pity that hum
an affairs should be at times so ordered not
much more thought of here that an old horse
7 Duncan Stewart in the above place
and of the same family an industrious
8 Duncan Stewart Do Do Glenbucky
family a middling industrious character
9 Willm Stewart Schoolmaster same place
Ardvorlich and Annat family sober
10 Duncan Stewart same place Ardvorlich
family an industrious character
11 Widow of Donald Stewart with her son
of the Ardvorlich family who was a good
hearted friendly man
12 John Stewart Roseline flanders Moss of
the above family A keen honest man
and of most substance than any of the rest

No 13 John Stewart Kirk-line Bl Drummond same place
of the Ardvorlich family industrious and
14 John Stewart Do Do he says of
the family of Drumawharry an industrious
15 Duncan Stewart Do Do the same
family industrious
16 Donald Stewart Do Do the same
family and character
which finishes the moss lairds
17 John Stewart Taxman Cowie St Ninians
parish Ardvorlich family a respectable decent
gentleman farmer as much to be respected as any
of the Ardvorlich family (& capable to be so a decent family)
Polmaise Estate 250
18 Peter Stewart Tacksman of Blartamoch
Campsie Parish Stirlingshire been shrewd
Sly and Sensible of Ardvorlich family in
Stirling of Craigbarnets Estate 270
19 John Stewart Tenant Spittal Killearn
parish same county of Glenbucky family an
industrious well doing man with a numerous
family in Black-wood of Killearn's estate
Rent - 150
20 John Stewart Town of Kippen, A publican
merchant, and a sinner of the Ardvorlich & Annat
family Graham of Gartmore Estate 32
21 John Stewart Maltman there of Ardvorlich
Hogger moger harm skarm 40
22 Mr Charles Stewart Buchlyvie Kippen
Parish of Gartnafuaran family a respectable
character they were vintners & Saddlers
Grahame of Gartmore Estate 40

No 23 Mr Charles Stewart Tacksman of Crochaoy
Parish of Aberfoyle of Gartnafuaran family I
cannot express his character a sincere friendly and
respectable character without Dissimulation or
ostentation (a perfect nathanael) he and his brother were the only
intimate acquaintance I had and that I placed
the most confidence in and made it often in the country
my house and there would be very little
occasion for great abilities if all men were
like him. in the Duke of Montrose's property
and lordship of Monteith 130

Following is a list of Doune parish Perthshire
No 1 Archd Stewart Tenant Druim Loist of
the Gartnafuaran family Apparently industrious
well meaning young man
Earl of Murray's Estate 150
2 James Stewart Tenant Carse of Cambus
Ardvorlich and Annat families A low Country
Coof Earl Murray's property 60 but
cheap rented
3 John Stewart Smith Burn of Cambus
a proprietor of houses and lands and has a
land from the E of Murray a careful and indust
trious but much given to himself 20 Glenbucky family
4 John Stewart proprietor of Houses & lands
of Ardvorlich and Annat family an industrious
5 Alexr Stewart Tenant Strathanaser breas
of Doune of Gartnafuaran family A keen and
grasping char E Murrays estate 70

No 6 James Stewart Mercht Doune Ardvorlich &
Annat family A keen sober man in the
E of Murrays Estate rent 20
7 John Stewart Tenant Broich Ardvorlich
family an industrious keen man in Sir
John McG Murray Estate
8 Duncan Stewart tenant Culvui of the
Glenbucky family industrious Buchanan
of Auchleshie property 20
9 John Stewart his Brother ? in
Doune property and lands a real Christian
of Bowles the above family E Murray 20
10 Widow Stewart Mill of Muck of Glenbucky
family industrious well doing woman with
a decent family in Blair Drummond 20
which finishes Doune there being different
others of the name of Stewart but I have omitted
them as they have not gone under the
name of Tenants or Crofters
11 John Stewart Wester Kilbride Dunblane parish of he says
the family of Balechin and industrious sober
character but a real low country man
in Sir A Campbell of Kilbride Estate 70
12 Mrs Widow Stewart at Cambuskena Strathallan they say
themselves of the Appin family a clever active
well doing woman for this world in E of Kinoul
's property
This finishes this district

Following is a list of Stewarts in
Comrie Parish, Perthshire.
No 1. Alex Stewart Crofter Wood of Ardvorlich
and of the Ardv. family. An industrious peace
able quiet man. Ardvorlich Property 10
2. John Stewart Balemeanoch of the above
family and property. A decent friendly good
man but more innocent than active. 150
Ardvorlich has given him a charge of removal
this year to his great shame, his father being
the occasion of keeping the Estate to them
being a more active man that Ardvorlich's
father and this is the reward of his great
service. Ardvorlich like many great men
of the world has got his good character very cheap
and as other that get a bad character unde
served, for if he is once injured he knows not how
to forgive and forget. Certainly Ardvorlich is an
honest man but that cannot secure him from
censure on that account, for Justice, Mercy and Cha
rity ought to go hand in hand without which
no other accomplishment can constitute a good
man for we have from Scripture do Justice
love mercy and walk humbly before thy God (Malachi).
I have no business to interfere in this or to
depreciate his Character further than to tell
my opinion of him every man being allowed to
judge for himself if they dont interfere with state affairs.
3 James Stewart Coille mhore Ardvorlich of the
same family An industrious sober character
same property 10

No 4 John Stewart Tenant Easter Finglen of
the Ardvorlich family An industrious keen
been well doing farmer same estate 160
5 Lieut Alex Stewart of the P.S Militia
Proprietor of Houses & Tenant to Drummond
Burrel St Fillans, east end of Loch Earn, one of your
home spun gentlemen but shrewd sly & sensible
for himself always homeward bound
6 Robert Stewart Same place Ardvorlich
family an industrious well doing man
7 James Stewart vintner and smith Comrie
of Grandtully family a good character
Lord Viscount Melville Estate 40
8 Alex Stewart Smith Toman buie
of Grandtully family and industrious well
doing man in Lawers estate Lord Balgray
a real scourge of mankind and a depopulator
of all his lands and the country if he could.
Monivard parish 15
9 Donald Stewart Strowan united parish
of Crieff & Strowan, of Grandtully family an industrious
well doing been man in Capt Graham
Stirling of Airth a respectable good gentleman
Strowan estate 40
This finishes the whole of the Stewarts
of the South that can be called Tenants
or Crofters excepting one Donald Stewart No 23
in Callander a purse proud and unfeeling man
possessed of houses & lands with a good deal
of money commonly called Lord Glasgow
24 Donald Stewart son of James Stewart in
Callander a proprietor of a 20 pound a year once of the
Ardvorlich family very inferior to his father.
25 Walter Stewart merchant Callander, proprietor
of 30 pound a year & house Glenbucky family indifferent

Colonel Stewart
I am going to mention a little
that I know myself concerning the family
of Bute which was omitted by Duncan Stewart
and other writers such as Crauford in his History
of Renfrewshire.
There was a family in the south end of the Island
of Bute in the parish of Ken Garth, the name
of the farm from which they took their title was
called ?Learigie-eun which was a branch of the
Stewarts of Coille-chattan
There was another family called Baron of Skool
aig presently enclosed in the policies of Mount
Stuart. Before the year 1647 the family of Bute
lived in Rothesay Castle the residence of the former
Kings of Scotland and where King Robert III
died. It being burnt by the family of Argyll
about the above period together with the castle of
?Lamont, belonging to the Laird of Lamont, lying in
the district of Cowal in the south of Argyleshire. After
that they resided in a house still existing in
Rothesay something like a Manse until
the first Earl of Bute built Mount Stuart
Lady Moray's father
There was another family called Baron nan
Amrichean beaga not mentioned in Dun: Stewart
Besides another Baron called "Baron Scalasaig">
who resided in the parish of Rothesay in the W
end of the island. How long these existed I
cannot pretend to tell
There was also another family ?[isle of Arran]
called 'Fear Cill-Dounan" whose lands came
to Stewart of Stewart-hall in Bute or Cille-
Chuilaig - The last Cille-Chulaig, about
forty five years ago, sold his lands to the Earl
of Bute, the present Marquiss grand grand
father, which lands the late Marquiss sold to
the Duke of Hamilton, which he left to his
Mistress Miss Easton and her two daughters
as part of their portion
It was of this Cille-Donaig family that the
celebrated Professor Dugald Stewart was des-
cended and "Highland Mary" rendered famous
by Robert Burns

2 102
Bailie Rodger Stewart in Greenock a man of
great affluence, and his brother Stewart of
Stewart-hall in Kintyre (who had each
a son in the 42 Regt are also descended from
the above family, with a great deal of the comm
-onality in Arran
There was another Baron of the name of Stewart
in Bute not mentioned in Duncan Stewart, the
place of whose residence I do not at present re-
before the marriage of Sir Geo Mckenzie with
the family of Bute, that country was divided
almost altogether among little lairds or Barons
of different names, of which the family of Kames
and another of the name of Spence was the most
powerful excepting Bute himself. Although
there was no open violence offered, every quirk
that the law could admit was taken occasion of
to dispossess them of their property by Sir George.
At that period the Laird of Kames lost much of
his property with the others.
I think I mentioned to you before that the Mc
Kinlays and the Farquharsons of Brea-mar went
from that country in the time of Robert the
III. It is said the first Farquharson that
went to that country from Bute murdered 16
families of the name of Stewart in the country
of Brae-mar on their arrival from Bute
The last was the tenth generation who was
foretold to be the last of that family.
A family of the name of Spence succeeded then
whose property afterwards fell into the Kames
family and the ruins of their Castle are still to be seen in Kames's policy.
With regard the commonality there were many
of the Stewarts in my own time in that country
but they are now much reduced - the country
is almost ruined by a tyrannical senseless
factor, who knows nothing of country affairs
but tyranny
There were also many of the commonality in Kin-
tyre of the family of Bute, but very few now

Some few Stewarts in that country, very de
cent men, say they are descended of the family
of Blackhall - In particular a Minister
there who left a decent family. I think Dug.
Stewart the present Bailechaolish belongs to
these Stewarts.
There was a family in Skye in the laird of Mc
Leod's country who say themselves that they are
descended of the Appin family, but I am doubt-
ful if they are certain. There are two gentle-
men of that family in the 71 Regt a Capt
Charles and Lieut Lachlan Stewart, perhaps
they may know something of their own origin.
I find that all the Highland Stewarts who do not
know their genealogy lay claim to the family
of Appin. This family is called that of Craiheness.
There was a Kenneth Stewart, Captain of a vessel, of this family who
went to America with some other relatives. He was the stoutest man of his name in his day.
There was at one time many decent and respec
table people at Loch Carron in Ross-shire, who
I imagine are much dispersed now who likewise
claimed of the family of Appin, also about
Bran and Gare-loch and different other
parts of Ross-shire. I fancy it is because
they are ignorant that there are any other
Stewarts of distinction which makes them
lay claim upon Appin so generally.
There is a Mr Chas Stewart W.S. and who writes
in the Register Office who is from Orkney
and who says he is descended from the family
of Appin, but I think he should rather be of
those families of the Stewarts which are
in Orkney itself.
There was a vast deal of Stewarts in Strath
Doun, Glen-livet, Brae-mar and upon the
Water of Dee, such was the family of Auch
willy and many in Gairoch & Buchan -
You know yourself the others such as Led-
murdie and other public characters.
There is a family of Stewarts in Glen-more
Oberneich, Duke of Gordon's property who say
are descended from the family of Fincastle
with different other families in Strath-Spey.

There is another family in Mull called Auchte-
sheanaig - they were only tacksmen till of late
when the present proprietor purchased the place
from the Duke of Argyll, but they had besides
a Barony which they purchased from the ancient
Laird of McIonnan who was in Skye. They
are very respectable well meaning men and of a
very good character. The first of them, as I am
told, came up from the Low Country either from
the County of Aberdeen or Banf, as a teachers to
the family of Locheil and engaged with Campbell of
Airds who was head factor of Mull at that
time under the family of Argyll who when
he had educated his children he appointed to
the office of under factor and Sheriff Substitute
of Mull and married a lady of the name of
There are different families of the Commonality in
Suanart and Ardnamurchan who say they are
descended from the Kincardine family or some
other branch wither in Aberdeen-shire or
There is a family in E Lothian which I am sure
you know, Stewart of Madderston near Had
dington who is married to a daughter of
Logie almond & a sister of Lady Stewart, Gran
tully - He was bred a coach-maker in Edinr
before he went to India. His father was a petty
laird upon the Clyde between Hamilton & Lanark
I suppose he does not know what branch of Stew
arts he is descended of.
I send you an account of the family of
Siorglas and Orchil-beg which I scraped up
myself, which you will be so good as keep
for me or write a double of it.
There was another family in Tholl called the
Tullich family also descended from that of Fin
castle who lived opposite to Blair Castle
the last of them was married to a daughter of
Robertson of Ochtertyre in Strath Tay

He had a good number of sons who never raised
themselves above the commonality, excepting one, I
think James, who was bred a flax-dresser and
went to Kirkwall in Orkney who made a good
marriage there and at last purchased some property
Different descendants of that family are through the
country of Athol and particularly Glen Finca
There was another family descended of the Cairney
family called the family of Pitinnessie in Glen tilt
who were as decent men as ever I saw of the com
monality in that country of any name. Of which
Mr Neil Stewart in Perth is as capable to inform you as any
person in being and it would be a pity he would
slip the cable without communicating a part of his
information. There were nine or ten farmers
all in the same neighbourhood at one time
there of Stewarts of that family
There is another branch of the family of Cairney
and that of Dalguise in Tom ban in Strathban and
Trocherie and Dunkeld, very decent, industrious
commonality (I forgot to mention that Stewart the
Artiteck in London was of the Tom bein family)
There was another sept of Stewarts about Easter and
Wester Dalguise who were said to be of the family
of Siorglas very decent commonality
But in Glen tilt (excepting Callendar parish)
before the D of Athol laid it Waste between the
family of Pitinnisie, Drimcharrie and Sior
glas there was about 20 families in the same
neighbourhood, with some of the family of Fonab
and Fincastle
The family that I am of, about five generations
back came up from Dunkeld to be factors to the
the family of Athol. The first was a son of the family
or Ardnangaug who was a son
of the family of Balechan by a son of Butter
of Cormick in Carse of Gowrie
The family of Drimbuy that was near Dun
-keld was likewise of that Branch.
The last of the Ard-nan-gaug family was
a daughter who was married to one Croftke
a writer in Dunkeld, who left two daughters
One of them was married to Bailie Peter Bizzet
in Perth, a coppersmith, and the other to
a writer of the name of Fisher in Dunkeld
a very indifferent character

There was one of the family of Drimbuy who was
a tenant on Culdares estate about 30 years
ago, in Kinkidston, under Stormont, near Jas
Bizzit your friend who had a son who was
bred to be a minister - There was another
of them about the same period who was Gard
ner with Sir John Clark of Pennycuck, South
from Edinr
I am sure there will be papers about Dunkeld
that will throw light upon both families those
of Ard-nan-gang and Drimbuy, Croftke's
wife had a part of the old property which
they had.
There were two brothers that came to age of my
ancestors who were killed by the Camerons upon
Cairn-skepaig between Foss and Appin of Dow
They were upon the Feil-Lennan, a market
in Dull in the latter end of Harvest. One of them was courting a lady of
the name of Menzies in that country and
coming home to Athol there was a Merchant
from Foss of "Sliochd Phudhruik mhoir" who>
say themselves they are of the family of Foss and
who was Grandfather to the "Marsant Mac
Dhonnachi Ruaigh" whom some Camerons
met and were robbing, and they coming to
his assistance were shot by the robbers
before they could get near them. Their Cairns
were there some time ago
I am sure there are papers in Dunkeld and
will discover more about that family which I
wish you would find out.
Donald Stewart, Auch - I really think the
Stewart he is descended of, commonly called
"Slioch tigh nan Gleann" were sprung from the family of Lorn before the family of Appin
commonly called :Dughail ?Dislain"
With regard to the family of Stenton and Gour
-die Stewart, I think they are descended of
Stewart of Dualic or some of the natural
sons of King Robert the second had

The Stewarts about Ochterardoch I think belong
to the family of Inver-dunning
It was a daughter of the last Inverdunning
that was married to William Stewart of
Tigh-na-dalloch, your own family.
There is a respectable man and a great farmer
near Ochterardoch who purchased Inverdun
-ning who I think is of the old family and
which lives much in the way of Mr Stewart
I cannot pretend to giving you much
further information, and what I have said
perhaps you know better about part of it
than I do myself but "a good tale is not>
the worse for being twice told" I was willing
however to do what I could and am only
sorry that I could not sent it sooner
It is a pity to neglect Mr Neil Stewart
in Perth from getting every information that
can be had of him.
I am sorry that the papers which I sent you
before will not easily be made out, but if
you will preserve them I will assist
you in perusing them
When I scrutinised Loch Carron in Ross
shire the property of McKenzie of Applecross, it
was formerly the estate of McKenzie
of Delvey before they came to Perthshire - the
place called Delvey was in the lower part of
Ross shire. The present place where Mc
Kenzie of Delvey resides was called Inch Cuthel -
It belonged either to the family of Carnegie
of North Esk or South Esk before the year
1715 and prior to that to the family of Errol
The family of Delvey shewed much kindness
to the Stewarts in that country before they
came to Perthshire - the reason for which
I cannot tell
You will find the old writings I send
you separated from the new by a Blue
paper - and the information which I have
collected concerning the other Stewarts in your

own country and other places is separated by a letter addressed to yourself

Although I forgot to make mention of the Family
of Montrose in any other remarks I mean the present
Duke of Montrose whatever character he has with
his misguided multitude and other people that
should know better and does not know anything
about him but from hearsay, and as he is not
a public speaker that we might know something
of, farther than what he is in his own country. But
with regard to his being a good Landlord to his Tenants
he is the best I at present know even though he did
ingrass part of his lands by the advice of his factor
and the infatuated custom that has prevailed these
forty years back, There never were any of them sent off
without being provided for, the incoming tenant is obliged to
grant them a cottarage in the farm at valuation in proportion to the rent
of the whole farm and has it not in his power to remove them.
likewise should any of them fail they have the same
priviledge, not turned off like dogs as is too prevalent with
many these days. Widows are also protected in the
same manner I do not see so many cottars anywhere as there
for the above reasons that they are never sent off while they
remain honest and keep the peace - Whether it is from pure
principal or on account of the Cottars themselves certain it is
that I know no proprietor in Scotland that has the same
method - I mean his Clemency in the above respects and
his employing them always to work such as at his oak
woods which are I believe the most extensive in Scotland
yielding him no less than at the rate of about Three
thousand pounds stg a year and upwards, and since
his late factor's death he takes a more active hand in
matters himself by which mean he knows more of
the nature of things and is much better to his Tenants

Colonel Stewart
Since i understand that Dr Gra
ham Aberfoyle is writing to you concerning
the 42d of which I had some information
before - & since you wished also information
concerning engrossing land and farms -
After all I have said about Argyllshire, there
is one farm there in the parish of Balquidder
which I know of none in Argyleshire equal
to it, nor any where else, without going to the
far north, this farm is possessed by a Mr
McDonald from Glen Lyon, a friend of Mr
Stewart's Auch in which possession once
resided forty one tenants equally as respect
able as the present one - It at present con
tains only himself and his brother with one
cottar who was a shepherd last year, and
who, for shame they did not like to remove
It was divided formerly among the following
lands viz
Mcgregor of Inverchearnaig
Mcgregor of Easter Inverloch larig
Afterwards purchased by the family
of Invercharnaig - the head of
what is called 'Sliochd Dughail cheir">
Wester Inverlochlairaig was possessed by the
famous Rob Roy, second son of Glengyle by
a daughter of Glenlyon which also fell to the
Glen-carnaig family after his death together with
Drumlich-dheasurich - Drumlich uaraich was
possessed by a Gentleman of the name of Mclaren
& afterwards by the family of Glencarnaig, which
afterwards was purchased by the family of Moray
and now held in tack by this McDonald.
He has all the Baron McNab's property which lies
contiguous to the above and which formerly be
longed to several families of the name of Stew
art - Craig-ruie, of which McDonald is
laird, and lies contiguous to the rest was

alternately the property of the Stewarts, the Mc
Larens and McGregors. To conclude in the
Parish of Balquidder where at one time lived
between four and five hundred tenants it
now scarcely contains fifty
It is said Comrie parish contained five
hundred and upwards while it now has on
ly about forty tenants
I am told Ardvorlich your friend had once
twenty tenants and twenty cottars on his pro
perty and now has only one - the reason I cannot pre
tend to know. He has now only six cottars
I mentioned to you before, the havoc that was
done by Burrel Drummond on the N side
of Lochearn - Some McLarens there were dis
possessed whose ancestors had been in that place
for upwards of 400 years - It was a woman
of the name of McLaren from that place that
was mother to Dugal first laird of Appin -
The parish of Monivard contiguous that, where
the Campbell of Lawers dwelt, now the property
of Lord Balgray where there was between 120
and 130 tenants there is only about 4 or 5
I am told he removed 16 widows in one year
out of their possession - What do you think
of this monster of iniquity sitting at the high
Court of Justice of the nation? an old man
who has no heirs of his own body or relations
& which will all fall into his Lady's friends
& who delights in harassing and illusing poor
defenceless people - He hates the country people
there and they hate him likewise - He thinks
more of his planting trees than of the best or
most innocent person in the country. He
looks upon them as Hottontots. He thinks
those he gets from the South country, who
are far their inferiors and who are picked
out for being lead-hearted characters.
I do look upon

the like of this man and illusers in Ross shire
to be far worse tan the traitor ?Thistlewood &
his infatuated associates
I even think there is nothing like this dis
agreeable account in Argyllshire after
all I have said about it. Dr Stewart in
Strachur, after all you think of him, was
the occasion of removing seven or eight farmers
of the best characters in the country by his
slyness and slow intrigues and giving
their possessions (excellent farming ground to a
favourite and a man that had too much be
fore - However I will decline writing any
more of this nature in the event I may be
blamed or give offence although it is nothing but
plain truths
As I said at the beginning I understand
that you have employed Dr Graham to write
some particulars concerning the 42d Reg with
observations and remarks which you intend
publishing - I beg leave to offer you my opinion
respecting him as a writer - for his other qualities
I would speak of him in the highest terms of
approbation. However in this case, I am much
afraid he is hardly qualified for the task he has
undertaken. For to be plain with you, although
he was born in the parish of Callendar, and brought up
chiefly in the parish of Aberfoyle I can with
out vanity assure you that I have more in
formation myself concerning both these parishes
and any thing connected with them that
what he published concerning the parish of Aber
foyle and even he did not publish what he knew
concerning Loch-ard and the back of the ?Port in
case it would be discovered by the public that any
other proprietors possessed these properties before the
D of Montrose. It is this partiality that baffles
all history - He did not mention any thing con
cerning the D of Albany and his predecessors the
Earls of Menteith. It is said Duke Murdoch
was apprehended in a Castle on the south side of
Loch Ard - and he is said likewise to have
been buried upon the island in the Loch of

With regard to the Loch of Menteith I am not
certain because it is said he was buried in Stir
ling however I think the tradition ought to be
If I have taken any undue freedom in this
manner I hope you will excuse me and even
Mr Stirling although he has neglected things of
this nature. I reckon him in general a better
writer than Dr Graham
If you want any other information whatever
to the Stewarts of Appin I know no man so
qualified for that and other general infor
mation of the same kind that Capt Dugald
Stewart of Invernahyle. He is, in every
respect far more affable and agreeable than
his cousin Dr Charles Stewart, Strachur -
he really is a good hearted man, and it is a
great pity that he has not more in his power
I think I wrote you something concerning the Stewarts
of Tar, before, and will do again if you think proper
though not in this paper my reason for neglecting in
description is their being extinct but two
daughters that are married and in very low circumstances
The late James Stewart of Tar father was in partnership
with the late General Stewart of Raith's Father in
purchasing Oakwoods which trade was not at that time
taken by any but clever active men he was called
James Stewart of Boblach in the four and twenty
farms of the Carse of Frews in the Lordship of Doune
and was ground officer to the Earl of Murray and
should I have the pleasure of seeing you soon I
shall relate some fine anecdotes that passed
between them, both of them being very active grasping men.

Colonel Steuart
respectable Sir,
It is with the greatest
deference that I write to you - Along with
this letter you will receive a parcel con-
taining the long looked for writings
that you wished from me - Believe me
Sir, it was not my fault that you
had it not before now, as I could
not execute it myself so as to please
me and would not entrust it to but few others.
I wrote you before that I could
not have got it finished until I
went to Lochgoilhead, where I now am,
and at which place I had a good
deal of business independently of this
If I knew no other person belonging
to you but Mrs Stewart, Foss your aunt
I would wish to do any ordinary thing in
my point to oblige you - and as this is
within my reach and can be easily
done, you can command me at pleas-
I think if God spares me health I
will be in the country either through
the winter or at the beginning of next
Spring, when if anything be found
deficient in what I have written you
we can then correct at leisure
I lost a book belonging to Mr Charles
Stewart in Perth. viz The History of the
Family of Strowan and some other branches
of that family, all excepting the Leud family
which I never conceived to be Robertsons
at all - I employed different persons to
try and get another copy of this book and
to no effect would I take the liberty of
requesting you to look out for this work
for me in order that I may return it to
the person from whom I had it, as I am as
hamed as he never asked it of me. and
had it been my own I never had sug
gested the like to you
Inclosed is an Account against the
family of Auchlecks which I again beg
leave to request that you endeavour to
recover it. I proposed it about six or
seven years ago to Mr Stewart, Auch who
declined taking it in hand. I then
applied to Mr Robertson the Minr
in Strath-Tay who said he was not
acquainted with any of the family who had
it in their power and he mentioned it to Mr
Wm Stewart Dallchhealloch who paid little
regard to it, which his father would not have
done but William was ever a clownish fel
low. This parcel was inclosed in Garth's parcel
& Miss Stewart will know how it was conveyed
to Mr Robertson. It will be seen in the lines
and double of the accounts into which parcels
it was sent. Mr Wm Stewart younger of
Garth used to keep these lines. I had that
acct with one in Perth and was intending to
present it to Dr Robertson but referred it
knowing that he was of an uncouth haugh
ty disposition from his youth, altho he knew
the method of making money. I did not
know till of late of Mrs Robertson's death &
am sure that who ever was looking over her
affairs would get the Lines for the Tea among
the rest of her papers and surely Miss Stewart
will remember by whom it was conveyed, and
what servant they had when she died will be
found out. Notwithstanding the long time, I
think there will be very little trouble in ?way
of the rest of the Accounts excepting Crossman's
who I understand denies even the parcel's
that went thro Garth's family and the signed
account granted in Mrs Stewart's presence
& her two daughters which I have by me.
I beg leave to tell you that I would rather be
a mule-driver or any other degrading condition
before I would bear the name of a Gentleman
on such terms as this - I will affront them
if they can be affronted if I live - Pardon this
?, if I would not be provoked to the highest
degree, I would not mention such things to you
They were under more obligations to me than
any person in that country and if it had not been
ever for me they were not what they are at present
It was I that put Crossman upon the plan of getting
his brother's legacy which he never thanked me
much for and I decline mentioning any more at present.
I took the liberty some time ago to write
you concerning Mrs Calder, Miss Menzies daug
hter and since I left that country and will not
be there this some time again depend upon it, if
she will not get that money which belongs to her
son she will be very badly off, for any assistance
I ever saw any of her friends doing her. I left her
a little money when I left that place, and orders
to get in her peat by an acquaintance of mine
Dr Graham wrote her brother a week before I left
that place without any answer whatever. If
I had the satisfaction to know when or how I
may be paid it would be some satisfaction, but
that I will not get - And if anything was com
ing off her, I would neither get payment or thanks
unless I get it from a higher power and the
pleasant reflections of doing a good turn. She is the best
of that family and would live independently of any
one if she would get her ?owe. I beg of you, sir
to press this brother of hers or else employ some other
person to recover it for her, or else she will be very
badly off
Pardon encroaching so much upon your time
and patience. I Intended to leave this parcel with this
letter at Mr Stewart's Auch - the original contains
100 pages. I will mention to you after this where
to write me.