Dawson Reunion 2016 Photos

DawsonNM5  Dawson, NM is an abandoned coal town located approximately 30 miles south of Raton, NM. Dawson, NM  Dawson, NM at its peak. dawson panorama  A panoramic photo taken of Dawson,NM in the early 1950's. Next photo taken from the same place in 2016. Dawson Reunion2016  This photo is of the old Dawson, NM town site in 2016 showing the town completely gone.
Dawson 2016  Dawson Reuniion 2016 located where the Dawson Hotel was until 1950. : N Dawson2 2016  Looking south where Dawson homes and town buildings were located. : N Dawson2 Reunion2016  Current ranch owner placed a Frederick Remington bronze statute overlooking former town of Dawson, NM. Dawson3 Reunion2016  Frederick Remington sculpture overlooking Dawson, NM.
Dawson Aerial Photo of Reunion4  Aerial photo of Dawson, NM looking north along Rail Canyon. Dawson Aerial Photo of Reunion2  Aerial photo of Dawson Reunion 2010. Dawson Aerial Photo of Reunion3  Aerial photo of the Dawson Reunion 2010 located where the old Dawson Hotel was until 1950. Dawson3 2016  Dawson Cemetery in 2016. This historic cemetery is on the NM Historical Registry. : N
Dawson  Drone arial photo of Capitan Hill where the Dawson High School was located. Dawson2  Drone aerial photo of Capitan Hill. To the left is the remains of the Dawson town water reservoir. Dawson High School was located on the right side of the hill. Dawson3  Drone aerial photo of downtown Dawson, NM in 2016 looking to the south. Dawson4  Drone aerial photo of Dawson town to the right looking south. The Vermejo River can be seen also on the left.
Dawson5  Drone aerial photo of the old coal coke ovens to the left looking south. The Vermejo River in the foreground. Dawson6  Drone aerial photo of Rail Canyon looking north where mines 1 & 2 were located. Notice the slag hill in the distance. THS5822  On the way to Dawson, NM with the sun flowers on dirt road A-38. THS5884  Old Dawson pump house along where the railroad tracks used to run.
THS5890  Few of the only original Dawson, NM buildings remaining in 2016. THS5894  Early morning start of the Dawson Reunion 2016. THS5896  Kathy Farley and John Antrzak representing the Hugh Hughbanks family of Dawson, NM. THS5898  Sara Palumbo Wilson (age 98 in right foreground) along with son and son-in-law. Representiing the Capone and Palumbo families of Dawson, NM.
THS5900  Kathleen Wood and Patsy McNeely representing the McNeely family of Dawson, NM. THS5901  Juliana Sanchez and Virginia Martinez representing the Sierra family of Dawson, NM. THS5903  Nick Williams, Angelo Munoz, Vicki Trujillo, and Ceclilia Williams representing the Trujillo family of Dawson, NM. THS5904  Mike Trujillo and Nick Williams representing the Trujillo family of Dawson, NM.
THS5906  Harry Reza and Rose Reza THS5907  Sheila and Mary Frances Garcia Reza THS5908  Angel Bacca, Mariana, and Rea Bacca THS5909  Dawson Association table
THS5910  Dawson Reunion visits THS5911  Dawson Reunion visits2 THS5912  Dawson Reunion visits3 THS5914  Dawson Reunion visits4
THS5915  Dawson Reunion visits5 THS5916  Dawson Reunion visits6 THS5917  Dawson Reunion visits7 THS5918  Donald Ortega, Alex Avellano, and Tom Hay
THS5919  Mike Trujillo, Larry, and Jeannie Trujillo THS5921  Darwin and Patricia Ludi representing the Capone and Santucci families.