Annoucement of SPEED DNA Project

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My name is Melissa Speed & I live in north Texas. I recently attended a genealogical lecture given by the Dallas Genealogical Society with a guest speaker, Dr. Thomas W. Jones, editor of the United States' National Genealogical Society Quarterly (NGSQ). He said that DNA testing will become a key component of genealogical research in years to come. After researching family DNA projects it appears that DNA comparison studies are of greatest utility in tracing direct father-to-son lineage, therefore most family DNA projects are patrilineal.

Beginning last month, two Speed males (one from the Mississippi branch of Speeds & one from the Tennessee branch of Speeds) sent their DNA samples to FamilyTree DNA for comparison & to begin the Speed surname DNA project. (The company FamilyTreeDNA was chosen because it has the greatest market share in genealogical DNA testing & their website offers more features for family group projects, like hosting family project webpages.)

A project page has been set up for the Speed surname with Family Tree DNA here:

SPEED DNA family project

I am trying to locate additional male descendants of the Speed surname from different branches, who will consider participating in this collaborative & mutually beneficial project. It is very easy to participate. FamilyTree DNA will assign a participating individual a number & send a kit that includes two cheek swabs that resemble something between a q-tip & a toothbrush that are used to collect two samples. The person participating just follows the instructions & mails back the kit. Please feel free to take your time & read over materials on this subject to decide if this is a project you would like to participate in or encourage an eligible Speed to join. I am happy to answer any questions you may the best of my ability. : ) FamilyTreeDNA states their policy on privacy here: You can also look at how participants' identities are protected in FamilyTreeDNA's other Surname Projects.

More information on surname DNA studies are:

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Or you can just "Google" - genealogy DNA testing.

Even if you are unwilling to participate, I would still like to hear from you & exchange information on our respective Speed branches. I am a descendant of James Monroe Speed Sr. & Sarah Rogers of Covington County, Mississippi.

Many thanks for your time and, again, I am happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

Melissa Speed